Tom Brady is super weird…

Over the last week Tom Brady has been constructing his own docuseries on Facebook titled Tom vs Time. Now I haven’t sat down and watched anything except for a few clips here and there but it’s basically an inside look into Brady’s life at home with his family and off the football field. He’s always been a somewhat private guy so it’s interesting that he’s letting cameras into his home to record whatever basically. There has been some criticism about the show. During an interview this week with a radio host from WEEI, a Boston radio station, the radio host referred to Brady’s daughter as annoying piss ant. What a ballsy move by that guy. Hats off to him to even muster up the courage to say that to quite possibly the greatest quarterback of all time especially during Super Bowl week. It created buzz and a lot of hysteria. People were calling for this dudes head. But that’s old news, there’s a new story developing from this Brady documentary and it’s super fucking weird. Video link is below.

First off…. what the fuck was that? His kid is like 11. First he does alittle normal peck. That’s kinda normal, maybe they are just a super affectionate family. Then TB13 calls him back for seconds
and basically makes out with his son. I don’t remember the last time I kissed my father. We shake hands in my family and maybe throw in the occasional bro hug but we never do that. It’s one thing to kiss your son Tom Brady but don’t do it when you’re half naked on a massage table getting rubbed down by another man. It’s just super super creepy and majority of America is judging you right now with a couple of days before you step foot on the field for the Super Bowl. And possibly the best thing about this is he did it to himself!! He let the cameras into his house. You’re setting yourself up to be a joke Mr. Brady. Stop trying to get to second base on your son and focus on the big game because if you lose this game, you know that this horrifying video is going to haunt you until your dead and buried six feet deep with your five Super Bowl rings.

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