I hope Floyd Mayweather gets his head kicked off in the octagon.

Over the last couple of days Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been posting videos teasing MMA fans worldwide. It seems like he’s toying with all of us. There’s no way he’s actually going to step foot in octagon, right? I for one hope he does. Just so somebody can kick him in his smug head. Like McGregor said ” have you ever felt shin bone crack off someone’s cheek?” I mean he’s posted a video walking into on octagon. Not much hype behind it. But the next day he posted another video saying ” 2018. Floyd Money Mayweather. MMA. What are the odds?” While rubbing his hands in the middle of the octagon. Here’s the video below.

He might be able to out strike some bum who has one professional fight under his belt. A guy with no ground game, no BJJ experience, no wrestling background. You know, CM Punk… would it be possible that the UFC is lining this up? Dana White has gone on record saying he wants to give Punk another shot because he’s such a nice guy. Mayweather always draws a crowd. It would be another cash grab of a fight. Cough cough Mayweather/McGregor.. but I don’t see this happening. He’s not going to fight an established guy. He would be sick in the head if stepped in there with McGregor. He would literally get knocked on his ass in six seconds. I’m sure it’s just all hype to get people talking. Time will tell. I know Mayweather is in his 40s and can’t read still but he can’t be that stupid to attempt to get into a MMA fight. But we shall see.

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