Hunter knocked unconscious by a dead goose

Picture this. You are up to your knees in water. Camouflage head to toe. A couple beers deep. Enjoying a nice Sunday morning in Maryland with your buddies hunting some fowl. You hear a shot and think nothing of it. All of sudden BAM! Darkness. You wake up soaking wet. Your face and head are killing you and you can’t even remember your name.

This happened to Robert Meilhammer today. A 51 year old hunter from Crapo, Maryland. Yes, that’s not a typo. There is a town called Crapo. Very unfortunate. But Rob went hunting with 3 of his buddies. Nothing like a little goose hunt before the Super Bowl. Get a little drunk and shoot some birds. Lets do it! Apparently one of his buddies shot a Canadian Goose and killed it. That’s the point of hunting after all right? It’s not in the plans for that goose to fall from 90 feet up and land on your buddies head. Knocking him unconscious and having him rushed to a Shock Trauma Hospital.

What a buzzkill Robert. If you can’t hang with the big dogs hang up your wading boats and stay at home and preheat the oven and make some buffalo dip with your wife before the game. You ruined the morning, the afternoon and most likely the night for you, your friends and your family. Pay attention to your surroundings guy. Nobody is going to enjoy the game because you got hit by a bird doing his best Ray Lewis impersonation in the woods in Maryland. Have fun telling your boss you can’t come into work on Monday because you got a concussion from a fucking goose… what a joke. I think Rob might be the biggest loser of the day but the day is still young.

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