Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets

It’s finally here, the morning of Super Bowl 52. The final game of football until August and of course it’s the biggest. What a time to be alive! Now I consider myself a degenerate gambler, I’m assuming more than 75% of America throws together a pool for Super Bowl boxes and that’s all fine and dandy. But to make today more interesting I suggest you throw some money down on prop bets. Prop bets is a gamblers worst nightmare and quite possibly the easiest way to lose money very very quickly. But if you’re not interested in the game because you hate both teams and you rather the Doomsday Clock strike midnight before kickoff sending the entire world into a nuclear holocaust like myself than these bets are for you!

Justin Timberlake’s First Song

Can’t Stop The Feeling! +150

Sexyback +175

Rock Your Body +400

Cry Me A River +500

Mirrors +550

Filthy +750

True Colors +800

Love Never Felt… +900

What Goes Around…Comes Around +1000

Senorita +1250

Suit & Tie +1500

Field +200

Now if I had to throw some money down on this.. which I did… like I said I’m a degenerate. I’m putting some money on Rock Your Body. What’s a better way to start off a party that is the Super Bowl halftime show that will get everybody up and moving. And if I had to bet he absolutely fucking ends his performance with Can’t Stop The Feeling. It’s just facts people. I know JT better than JT knows himself.

How long will it take for Pink to sing the Anthem?

Over 2 minutes -150

Under 2 minutes +110

It has come out that Pink is currently battling being sick, she has apparently been on the verge of losing her voice. Gotta feel pretty horrible for her. But in these circumstances if she is able to perform and is still under the weather I’m taking her performing the Anthem in under 2 minutes. She has to be speeding through it because she’ll be short of breath and on the verge of passing out. No high notes, no holding notes and no making the anthem about herself. God bless! Easy money.

What color will Bill Belichick’s shirt be?

Blue 4/5

Grey 3/2

Red 15/2

White 15/2

I mean let’s be honest here this could be the easiest bet of the night people. There’s no chance he is wearing Red or White. So those are gone automatically. We could assume he’s going to wear t-shirt or collared shirt being that this is being held in doors. Or he can go with his patented cut off sleeves look. It’s a toss up between Grey and Blue but my heart is telling me Grey.

Gatorade color that will be dumped on the winning coach?

Blue +250

Red +330

Yellow +350

Orange +350

Clear/Water +500

Purple +1000

I mean typically it’s blue, hence the lowest odds there. We can cut clear/water out because if you dump water on your head coach you’re a fucking loser and shouldn’t even receive a ring when all is said and done. Orange is probably a nope for me. My heart is telling me Yellow. So I would lay some money down on that but I would throw a couple dollars down on Purple. Being in Minnesota maybe give the hometown some love and drink some Purple Gatorade. Would be nice to show the people who have been giving you outstanding hospitality for the week some respect.

I mean I could go on and on with these but those are the main stupid bets you could make. You can also bet on the color of Pinks hair, I’m going Green since she’s a diehard Eagles fan. Just saying. Also you can bet on who scores the first TD and win some big money if you get it right. Just call up your bookie or check your favorite betting website and you’ll find all these crazy bets on there. Enjoy the game people and win some cash!

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