Drunk Kevin Hart was DENIED at SB52

Kevin Hart, the richest and most famous comedian alive today was straight up denied at the Lombardi trophy presentation at the end of Super Bowl LII. Hart who was born and raised in Philadelphia, a life long Eagles fan, got finger wagged by a security guard while trying to climb on stage to touch the Lombardi trophy. Kevin Hart is hands down the funniest man on the planet but you can’t just be going around doing whatever you want. The video of him getting denied is hilarious. He’s trying to get on the stage with the Eagles owner, Roger Goodell and a couple of Eagles players. The security guard was just not having it at all. Kevin Hart looks like he’s three feet tall in the swarm of people around the stage. He could have said he was Darren Sproles and maybe he would have got through. Who knows. Might have worked.

Then after him getting totally shut down from the stage, he stumbles onto the stage of the NFL Networks post game show, grabs a microphone and goes a drunken rambling spree for a couple minutes. Talking about how this was meant to happen, how happy he is that he’s from Philly and what not. Then he says “We gave a fuck” on live TV. How much did this guy drink? I mean he’s a small man, it could have only been two beers or half a glass of liquor. He can’t have a high tolerance for such a little body. He drops the mic and then Emmitt Smith pushes him off stage. I mean I loved it. Why would you give a drunk guy a microphone? Horrible decision. But it made for good television. Might have been embarrassing but hey it made us laugh and we thank you for that Kevin. We also thank you for showing us that even if you have more money than you know what to do with you can’t hop on stage and touch the Lombardi trophy after the big game.

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