Man attacked by seagull he was trying to rescue

Good guy New Zealander Robert Tahau from Whakatane saw a seagull on the side of the road clearly injured. He sprung into action, stopped his car and assessed the animal. He came to the conclusion that the seagull had a broken wing so he decided to do the right thing and tend to the animal. He wrapped it in a towel and brought it into his car and was going to bring it to his local vet so they can help the injured little guy. All I have to say is thank God for camera phones. Robert decided to take a selfie video of him and the seagull to show his family that he had a bird in the car with him. Then disaster struck. As you can see in the video below.

Robert started to get pecked repeatedly in the face by this seagull. In this almost two minute long video he goes on an explicit tirade while driving as this seagull goes off on his face and phone. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. This seagull was pecking at his face as if someone threw some bread on him. If I was Robert, after that first peck the bird is going out of the window. I’m not risking my life to save a seagull. Sorry just not happening. Call me inhumane but seagulls are scumbags. They steal your food at the beach, they shit on your car while you’re at work and that screech they let out makes me want to trade ear drums with Helen Keller. Not a fan. Long story short, the vet was closed so Robert allowed this filthy seagull to stay at his house with him. He set this bird up in a lavishly spacious cardboard box and threw a towel over it. Robert woke up in the morning to check on the bird and it died overnight. Way to go Rob. You tried to be a hero and now you’re a bird killer. Safe to say, it’s not always best to do the right thing because you might wake up to a dead bird in your living room.

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