Texas Couple File Missing Report For Cabin

A Texas couple, Jo and Lonnie Harrison from Houston had to report some strange news to the local authorities. Lonnie traveled up to the family vacation home in Madisonville and saw something peculiar. The one bedroom, one bathroom cabin located on their 10 acre property was gone. No sign of it. Just the foundation and pipes sticking out of the ground from where it used to stand. It’s the equivalent of leaving your car in Compton over night and everything is stripped off the car and it’s sitting on cinderblocks. But Lonnie said it was there in November when he traveled up there last so what the hell happened?

Alright. David Blaine put the cabin back and cut the shit…. stop terrorizing people for your next YouTube special. We’re all sick of it. But honestly, at this point… Whoever stole the cabin, I would let them keep it. You know how hard it has to be to move a fucking house and not get caught. That takes some skill. Serious skill. Cops were baffled and have no idea what to do. If I had to write this report down in the police station, sitting on the phone with Lonnie, I would honestly think Lonnie is full of shit and a crackhead. A house just doesn’t go missing. It doesn’t get sucked up by a tornado and land back on the ground in one piece. Is Ashton Kutcher involved in this and he’s Punking senior citizens for fun now? If he is that’s just cruel and inhumane. I hope Jo and Lonnie get their cabin back. I also hope whoever stole the cabin literally has to give a step by step breakdown of how he managed to do this. This is more impressive than Andy Dufresne tunneling through the walls of a prison with a god damn spoon. Hats off to this thief. Scumbag move but definitely an A+ on execution.

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