The Jenner/Kardashian cult tried to ruin the Super Bowl.

This fucking family and their god damn publicity stunts. The cult that is the Kardashian’s are at it again folks. Led by the dictator herself Kris Jenner. So they’re all getting pregnant and having babies. Kim is naming hers after directions, religious rankings and urban cities. Also she’s just putting her tits out on her twitter for anybody to see at any given moment. How the fuck does Kanye deal with that? Khloe Kardashian is trying to make an all star team out of all the guys she’s been with. Kendall is just being Kendall. The only normal one. Kourtney is somewhat responsible even though I see her with no clothes on in Instagram posts all the time. But to each their own. Then we have the walking plastic/silicone cyborg herself, Kylie Jenner.

She has apparently been keeping her pregnancy on the down low. Many thought she was the surrogate for Kin and Kanye. That would certainly be keeping it in the family to the next level. But nope she wasn’t. What does this family decide to do? I’m sure the puppet master Kris was like “Hey, you know what will put us in the news and all over social media? Announcing Kylie’s baby on fucking super bowl Sunday!” Fuck this family. First off. This baby was born February 1st. You wait 3 days to announce the baby? Fuck you guys. I hate you all. Except Kendall. She’s cool.

Not only do they wait until Super Bowl Sunday. Kylie releases a 10 minute long YouTube video that looks like it was directed by Martin Scorsese. I mean you can’t steal the shine of the Super Bowl, okay you Kardashian satanists. You cannot ruin this day for us. You can try but you will not succeed. I mean no one cares about plastic girl and Travis Scott also known as real life Predator conceiving a child. That thing is going to be gruesome looking. And then they name it Mariposa…. what the fuck is up with this family? Pick a normal name. Name it Brittany or Amanda. Be normal Kardashians! Best of all, you know it’s all about making money with this family. Kylie is dropping a new cosmetic line called Posie K, for her baby girl. I hope California breaks off the United States and sinks into the Pacific Ocean. A plague needs to hit this family and quick.

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