Todd Frazier inks 2 year deal with Mets

The New York Mets have finally made a good baseball decision this offseason. After sitting on the outside looking in on trades such as Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich and Marcelo Ozuna because apparently having Brandon Nimmo was so damn important to Alderson he didn’t give Florida an actual offer to consider. Not to mention they missed out on signing Lorenzo Cain who joined Yelich in Milwaukee. They finally pulled the trigger and inked Toms River’s own Todd Frazier to a two year deal worth $17 million. Great value for the Mets honestly. You get a great glove in the field to replace the cripple that is David Wright. A great locker room guy that everybody seems to love also. This definitely overshadows that huge signing of Adrian Gonzalez as well. I mean if it was 2005 maybe Mets fans would be excited for that. I’m looking forward to seeing idiot Mets fans doing the whole thumbs down thing Frazier started with Yankees last year. Because we know originality is such a strong suit for little brother in Queens. so please Mets fans and even Yankees fans. Let the whole thumbs down gimmick due this year. It was fun but just let it die. Mets fans should be weary to Frazier at the plate though. He is a prime example of a feast or famine hitter. When he’s hot, he’ll be roping doubles into the gap and getting timely base hits. When he’s cold, he’ll be striking out two to three times a game and killing rallies. But nonetheless it is an excellent signing by the Mets and even though they missed out on a lot of key players, they should be happy Sandy pulled the trigger on this one.

So with Frazier off the table, what does it mean for the Bombers in the Bronx? Simple. The young guys are going to get their shot. Expect Torreyes and Andujar to split their time at third. The Yankees think very highly of Andujar especially since hey wouldn’t give him up to possibly complete a Gerrit Cole deal. The Baby Bombers have been exciting to watch so whether it’s Andujar or Gleyber Torres, who is expected back after having Tommy John Surgery last season, its definitely going to be an exciting year in New York. Could even be more exciting if the Mets and that lights out pitching staff can be healthy. We’re only a couple weeks away from baseball and I know I am trying my best to patient but now that’s football is over and the Rangers are a dumpster fire… I really need something to look forward to.

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