Josh McDaniels Royally Cucked The Indianapolis Colts

As said by the Colts GM at the press conference yesterday “The Rivalry is back on.” Talk about getting totally fucked! Josh McDaniels was set to be the head coach in Indy for about two weeks now. It was a done deal. The Colts were going to hold a press conference yesterday to introduce him. BUT the Patriots, the evil empire of football, are back to their old tricks. McDaniels backed out of the job and is sticking with the Pats. This caused McDaniels agent to immediately drop him because of this fiasco. But on the humorous side of this the Colts legitimately had to hold a press conference to introduce a coach they didn’t have. It would have been comical to watch the Colts just sit there for an hour and call McDaniels cell phone repeatedly. How pissed do you have to be as a fan and more importantly a member of the organization. You have no head coach with the top options now off the table. Patricia is officially in Detroit. Shurmur is in New York. (Fist pump) Gruden went to Oakland. There isn’t too many people out their. Best thing to do is try to lure Arians out of retirement but who can honestly say that’s realistic.

As for New England, what a con job they just pulled. After the defense Patricia put on the field at the Super Bowl this weekend you can assume he’s replaceable. But to lure back a guy you consider to be the next guy in line for whenever Belichick leaves, which could be sooner than later. Especially with the Butler decision looming and the apparent “rift” that’s going on between Brady and Bill. But you keep a guy who is an offensive genius, a guy Brady loves, a guy who helped your offense be unstoppable in the biggest game of the year. You pissed off that creep Jim Irsay, you reignited a rivalry with the Colts. The Patriots might have lost the Super Bowl but they are right back at it, putting targets on their foreheads and continue to be the most hated franchise in the NFL. Way to go Robert Kraft you rich evil genius.

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