Rangerstown has entered crisis mode

The sirens are going off and S.O.S. signals are going out. And those sirens aren’t for goals being scored because we all know the Rangers are incapable of doing that anymore. The last 16 hours of a Rangers fans life can be described as insufferable and depressing. The Rangers got their shit pushed in by the Boston Bruins last night 6-1 on home ice at Madison Square Garden. One positive note, the Rangers held a lead at one point. It was only for about 3 minutes but god dammit we held a lead! Then the tires fell off the wagon, the Bruins put up 6 straight goals and Khudobin was never really challenged again after Nash buried one to raise his trade stock. Thank you Nasher, us true fans love you. Lundqvist was pulled after letting in the fourth goal of the night and sat on the bench looking suicidal. This poor Swedish man gets no help and I’m sick of it. He is willing to put the franchise on his back, day in and day out and gets absolute dog shit back in return. Boos showered the Rangers all game last night, the Blueshirt faithful are finally turning on the team and professional gum chewer Alain Vigneault. Everyone is onboard with canning the shithead coach of ours but it seems like we might not be able to enjoy that pleasure until the season comes to a close.

Fast forward to this morning. We get a few updates from practice. Vinni Lettieri collided into Lundqvist at practice. Hank stayed on the ice for a few minutes and eventually got up and was very angry. Is the bad play and stupidity of his teammates starting to weigh on him? I know it’s weighing on me. So I can only imagine what he’s feeling like. Even better news, the Rangers waived Brendan Smith today. On his birthday. Classy move. Smith is in his first year of a four year 17.4 million dollar deal. I guess nobody wanted to trade for him because he has been an absolute train wreck on skates for this defense this year. Neal Pionk got recalled today after he was waived so the Rangers are basically rolling out an AHL defense every night for the rest of the season. Should be even more amazing to watch them take the ice now.

But the biggest news of all was reports that Glen Sather, the president of the team and Jeff Gorton, the GM, were meeting and going to put out a joint statement talking about the current state of the team.

In this statement, there is no hint of them talking about firing AV. Very upsetting if they let this douche canoe finish up the season. They understand changes have to be made and that familiar faces will be gone at the deadline potentially. Bye Nash. Bye Holden, hopefully. Bye Zucc. Bye McDonagh. Bye Grabner. That would be my guess. If Zucc is gone fangirls from Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island are more than likely going to scream simultaneously at a high pitch and shatter the sound barrier. But it has to be done. This team is going no where. There’s a lot of blame to passed around. But the best you can do is just get on board the tank train and go down with this burning ship. Once you accept the tank it’s so much more enjoyable to watch your team get smacked 6-1. Trust me. I had an absolute blast. Trade your key guys. Get picks. Free up salary. Make moves in the off-season for high level free agents and don’t blow it come draft day. That’s a rebuild on fly and that’s something I can get behind. So tank away Rangers and I’ll continue to love every second of it.

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