Spirit Airlines has killed Pebbles the hamster

Sad news out of the Baltimore area. Pebbles the emotional support hamster has died at the hands of Spirit Airlines. This apparently happened in late November but it’s been headline news as of late. Belen Aldecosea the owner of Pebbles is considering suing the airline company after she was told to consider flushing her hamster down the toilet after it being denied to come on board the plane. What. The. Fuck. All I know is that Pebbles definitely deserved better.

Aldecosea was heading home from college due to health problems she was dealing with. She checked with the airline about them allowing her to bring the hamster aboard and they OK’d it. But when she was checking in they wouldn’t allow it. So she had to do the unthinkable. She wandered into the bathroom. Went into a stall. Collapsed on the floor. Cried for a half hour. Said her goodbyes. And flushed Pebbles. I mean it’s pretty horrible to have to flush a pet, that is alive and well. The fact it’s an emotional support animal too… Jesus I feel bad Belen. If this allegation is true, Spirit Airlines is a mess. I mean Airlines all over the place are fucking up dating back to last year with that guy getting knocked out cold on the United flight. Now we have instagram model Jen Selter getting kicked off an American Airlines plane for stretching after her flight was delayed two hours on the runway. United also wouldn’t let some lady on with her emotional support peacock last month. I didn’t even know you could own a peacock and I have no idea how it calms you down. I feel like a peacock would fuck me up.. so I’d pass on that.

But to make things even crazier, Belen put out a statement saying she considered releasing little Pebbles into the wild but thought it would be cruel and inhumane. What?! You flushed this little furry rodent down a toilet. It probably drowned while being stuck in a pipe in the plumbing system. But you think letting it go in a field is inhumane? What is going through your head Belen? I need to know because I’m at a loss. You and Spirit are both idiots in the way you handled this. Airlines need to know their place in the world. You aren’t in control of anything. You can’t be flushing animals down toilets, punching out Asian men. You just can’t be doing that guys. Please. Smarten up.

RIP PEBBLES. Gone but never forgotten…

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