Ron Borges is an idiot!

We are only 5 weeks into the year of 2018 and we have people battling to be the dumbest person of the year already. Ron Borges is a sportswriter for the Boston Herald. Now I never went to journalism school or learned how to actually do this whole writing thing. I’m just taking a shot in the dark here but I would assume it’s key to fact check your work and make sure your story is straight and truthful. Just common sense in my mind. Well for Ronald he didn’t do that.

Long story short. Borges got duped. A guy going by “Nick in Boston” pranked the shit out of Ron. Got him pretty damn good. Nick found Ron’s actual phone number posted on Twitter and began texting him pretending to be Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee. The prank started before the AFC championship where they began discussing Brady’s thumb and Ty Laws Hall of Fame bid through text messages.But Nick took it to the next level yesterday after Jimmy Garoppolo signed a deal to give him the biggest deal in NFL history. His contract is 5 years for 137.5 million. Not too shabby for a guy who has only started 7 games in the NFL. He does look like the real deal and it’s smart for San Fran to lock him up. But back to the real story. This is the text message conversation between Fake Don Yee (Nick) and writer Ron Borges:

I mean how do you believe a story that huge especially involving Brady and the Pats. Especially if you write for a paper in Boston. But you don’t bother to fact check it. You just believe a random strand of texts and a three minute phone call. Borges is an absolute moron. He’s going to get so much shit, probably lose his job and look like an even bigger idiot than he has in the past. Just from living in Massachusetts for three months, I know people cannot stand Borges. He’s anti-Belichick. He’s been caught plagiarizing in the past and lost his job at the Boston Glove because of it.People are going to rake this man over the coals. Shit, we might even see a public execution in the upcoming week or two. I’m down for it. I barely know this guy through a hole in the wall. But I looked him up and I did some fact checking. Take notes Ron. Don’t believe a random number that sends you a text. Not like every time a random number texts me I believe it’s Will Smith or Sisqo… smarten the fuck up dude.

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