The Snapchat Update is AIDS

So my Snapchat updated by itself at some point and I just opened the app for the first time. I feel like my eyes just got raped. What the hell happened to this app? There is shit all over the place. Bitmojis galore. I’m not a fan. They took something so simple and easy and turned it into a complicated mess. Like how do I see stories? Why do I have to click on myself to post a new story? Like who suggested this? Seriously. What an asshole. Snapchat is ruined.

Teenage girls are going to wake up tomorrow and try to get their puppy filter on and they are going to lose their fucking shit. I saw it all over my twitter timeline today with people complaining. Tweeting at Snapchats account and demanding answers. I thought it was just normal over reaction theater on twitter like with most things. But people have a right to be angry. Luckily I don’t use Snapchat all that much but it’s definitely going to ruin my routine of killing time at work and watching literally every single persons story. Just look at the hysteria this caused:

I mean Mimi is about pip pip da doodly delete the app. Snapchat has her so fucked up she’s turning into a fairy godmother over it. TELL ‘EM MIMI!

As you can tell Wesley is super angry and broke his phone so his keyboard is stuck on caps locks…

I don’t know what searching through Tim Buck Fuck means but it is definitely the most electric phrase I have seen today.

All I know is this update is a pile of dog shit. A bunch of people are dropping Snapchat, trying to maneuver their phones to get the old version of Snapchat back. I mean it’s just an app. I’m sure people will complain for another week and then just deal with it. Usually how our generation works now. Bitch about something that’s a non issue and find something new to bitch about. Snapchat will be an after thought come Monday. But thanks for filling up my Twitter with angry girls who can’t use filters to hide their acne. Appreciate it Snapchat.

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