We Have Found The Worst Of The Worst

A tweet went viral following last nights extra innings Yankees/Orioles game.

Everybody meet Josh. Clearly he’s a Yankees fan. Apparently he caught Pedro Alvarez’s grand slam last night in extras which was the deciding factor in the Yankees 7-3 loss late last night. If you follow tradition at Yankee Stadium, if the opposing team hits a homerun you toss that shit back. I don’t mean a light toss. I’m talking old school Michael Vick bullet throw that shit back onto the field. But Josh tried to pull a fast one. This smug bitch carried around a spare ball in his pocket for 14 innings! 14! He legit sat there for 6 hours with a baseball just incase he was put in this situation.

Well he was in this situation. He catches the go ahead grand slam and throws the spare one back on to the field. He tried to pull a fast one and then parades about it on social media. Like people weren’t going to find out. Smh Joshy you idiot. And you ask for an autograph from Pedro Alvarez…. Pedro fucking Alvarez. Not like it was Manny Machado. I mean that’s alittle more understandable. This kid is such a lame-o bitch for pulling this move. I guarantee you this is the same guy that booed Stanton at the home opener for striking out 5 times. These are the worst kinds of fans. No wonder everybody hates Yankees fans. Kids like Josh. Thanks for giving us logical fans a bad rep because you’re an idiot Josh. It’s much appreciated.

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