Alain Vigneault has been canned!!

Now the news that AV was shit canned last night came around 11 pm. I was sitting in the movies seeing Blockers. Highly recommend it. Movie was bananas! But I get out of the movie around 11:45 to a string of texts and alerts that this gum chewing cock whistle of a head coach was fired. I legit shouted in the parking lot that this was the best night of my life. People looked at me like I was a fucking idiot. I was up for close to 20 hour straight at this point and the firing gave me a second wind of energy. I sped through the streets of Massachusetts blasting Jellybean Benitez in my car. Who is that? I have no fucking clue but the name alone makes that guy or maybe even girl an absolute legend.

Alain Vigneault did bring the Rangers to a Stanley Cup final back in 2014 and was a game away from another appearance in 2015. Many believe AV should have gotten the patented Vince McMahon “You’re fired!!!” Treatment after last years playoff debacle. Myself included. But there was absolutely no doubt that during the season this would be his last on Broadway. He put together lines that made no sense. He scratched players at times that made you scream at the top of your lungs. The guy was unbearable and had a knack for never putting any of the blame on himself. It was always the players. Too bad you set this team up to fail with your shitty coaching tactics Alain.

Scrolling the twitter feed last night and seeing numerous tweets about the firing made me realize the Rangers twitter fan base hasn’t been this united in easily 4-5 years. It was like a miracle. Half the time people are flipping out saying Hank is a garbage. Some wanted him traded for Michael Handzus back in the day. I heard that kid now drives a bus and hopefully he commits vehicular manslaughter so his stupid ass goes to jail for a couple of years. But back to the topic at hand.. Alain Vigneault is gone. Henrik Lundqvist is probably smiling from ear to ear like all of us diehards right now. The question remains who is going to be the man to takeover behind the bench at MSG. Idiots online are clamoring for Mark Messier. No thank you. Some people want the guy who brought the Rangers a cup back in 94 you know him as Mike Keenan. Stop living in the past people. Lightning won’t strike twice and honestly you’re making an ass out of yourself. All I know is whoever it is taking the reigns has a very young and talented roster to develop and I’m excited to see what happens between now up until draft day because the best is yet to come with this franchise. Go Rangers!!

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