Ilya Kovalchuk is heading to Broadway

Reports came out this morning that Russian born forward Ilya Kovalchuk is agreeing to terms with the Rangers. It’s looking like a 2-3 year deal worth 6 million per year. The deal doesn’t become official until free agency opens up on July 1st, so things could change but we will have to see. Kovalchuk has been out of the NHL for five years now. There is a lot of worry to come along with this contract. Can his body withstand an 82 game season plus playoffs? Is his back the equivalent of a wet twig? Is he just coming here for a payday?

I mean look what this guy did to the Devils. Was it hilarious? Absolutely. He was 3 years into his record breaking 17 year contract extension and just ghosted them and retired to go to the KHL. What a scumbag move. Hilarious because it happened to the Devils. But nonetheless complete scumbag. His numbers in the KHL were very good. He put up 222 points in 209 KHL games over the last for years. Obviously it’s a completely different game than the NHL. Talent level isn’t as deep but for a man in his thirties it’s pretty damn impressive.

I will say that one thing about Kovalchuks game that hasn’t changed is his shot is still pretty ridiculous. He was rifling the puck in the olympics earlier this year like he was still in his 20s. Despite his age, Kovalchuk is still going to amass points in the NHL. That is going to benefit the Rangers greatly. He will certainly help young players such as Buchnevich and Chytil in the process. All in all it’s a low risk high reward signing for the Rangers. I’m skeptical because I trust Kovys back just about as much as I trust homeless people asking me for money so they can not buy alcohol… yeah okay guy. The price of the contract is high which could mean a Grabner and Nash reunion might no longer be in the picture. But as I’ve been saying for the last couple of years, In Gorton We Trust. This is the first move of many in this long offseason and I’m pretty excited to see what Gorton does next for this team. He crushed the trade deadline, now we just need him to crush the draft and the offseason and we should have ourselves quite the season coming up.

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