Yankees Get Blown Out 14-1 And Just Like That The Season Is Over

Last night at historic Fenway Park in Boston, a bloodbath of epic proportions took place. The Yankees opened up a series with longtime AL East rivals the Boston Red Sox. A lot of excitement was building up for this game, Chris Sale vs Luis Severino on the mound, Judge vs Betts, Martinez vs Stanton. The rivalry is back on according to all the sports shows and papers.

Severino has zero control of any of his pitches right off the bat. He had about as much control as Jared Fogle would of had at a 12 and under kids swimming class. It was a nightmare. He threw close to sixty pitches in two innings. The Red Sox held a 4-0 lead after those two innings. Hit after hit coming of their bats. The Yankees ended up losing the game 14-1. That’s not a typo. If this football it would have been a two possession game. Pitching changes didn’t matter. Everybody who came in just got lit up like a Christmas tree. It was horrible to watch and I’m just glad it’s over.

Fast forward to today and all of the New York sports media and radio shows. Headlines reading “Are the Yankees in trouble?” “Is the season over for the Bombers?” My response to this and to everybody who thinks this season is dead and gone is “Are you out of your fucking minds?” First off, we are eleven games into this very very young season. 11. Not 111. Plain old 11. If you’re the type of fan to sit here and bitch and moan over early April games then guess what… you are the absolute worst kind of person and I hope you get hit by a bus crossing the street. Natural selection and only the smart and strong will survive. The rest of you can just dig a hole, jump in it and proceed to rake the dirt back over your own body. I don’t have time for it.

To sum it up, this team is going to be okay people. Sanchez is off to a slow start but last night he hit three balls into play that had an exit velocity of 100 mph and higher off the bat. He’ll heat up. Trust me he’ll be alright people. As far Stanton the man who is getting booed off the field after every at bat. Now I know must of you Yankees fans out there only watch the Yankees. That’s okay. But a lot of us are fans of the game and know players from all across the country. Giancarlo Stanton could be defined as a feast or famine type of player. He’s either going to mash a ball 450 feet or he’s going to strike out. That’s the kind of guy he is. Is it discouraging that the guy has struck out five times twice in 11 games? Absolutely. Am I going to crucify the guy for it? No. It’s baseball, it’s a game of adjustments. His timing is clearly off and it’ll take time for him to adjust. That’s what happens in this sport. I am not going to worry about a guy who’s been hitting fifty plus homeruns a year on April fucking 11th.

I’m not going to worry about meaningless games in April. If we are getting smoked 14-1 in July and August then I will throw up a caution flag. This is a fairly young team with a first year manager. There’s going to be a lot of growing pains to come with that. So how about as fans you pull your head out of the ground and think about things rationally for once? I know it’s hard people but you have to do it. Lets date back to 2009, Yankees lost their first 8 games in the season series against Boston. They were 5 games out of the first in the AL East in July. What happened that year? Oh the Yankees won the division by 8 games. And hey would you look at that! They went on to win the World Series that year… crazy stuff! I’m not saying we are going to get number 28 this year. I hope we do but it’s a long season. I’m just saying I’m not writing this team off two weeks into this season. And if you are one of these fans writing them off, you’re an idiot and I hope Mike Tyson speedbags your testicles while Aroldis Chapman throws 101 MPH fastballs at your trachea while you’re tied to an oak tree.

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