Fortnite Servers Sent Millions Into Panic Mode

All day yesterday Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat was flooded with people from the ages of 10-35 in full on panic mode over the Fortnite Battle Royale servers. Fortnite had perform emergency maintenance on their servers yesterday due to abundance of people playing the game. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Fortnite is I’ll explain quickly. Fortnite is a game where you drop into a map. 100 people spawn into the game. It can be a free for all or you can squad up by either playing duos or 4 man squads. The point of the game is to be the last man or group standing. Now I’m not the biggest Fortnite fan, I’ve played it but I’m more fond of PUBG. It’s just more realistic and I don’t like the whole building aspect that’s in Fortnite. But I do understand why it’s so popular and people love it. It’s a good time especially when playing with friends.

But people last night were on the verge of killing somebody. People tweeting at Epic Games, the makers of the popular game, cursing at them, threatening lives and just losing their minds. It was absolutely hilarious. I mean look at these tweets and comments people were posting:

First picture, I’m sure he guy was joking but he’s so mad he’s about to kill his child. This man rather face 25 to life than not play Fortnite for a day. It’s hilarious. Second picture, people are waiting HOURS! HOURS PLURAL! Just to get one game in. Dedicated? Absolutely. Stupid? You better believe. Do something else. Watch a movie, get food, take a nap. I wouldn’t sit and watch a countdown for an hour and a half to play one game. I don’t care how happy this game makes me. The last one, a guy is threatening to commit sewerside. I hope he did that intentionally. I’m sure he meant suicide, the act of taking his own life. If his brain is this frazzled without Fortnite he can’t survive in the real world. The servers crashed and caused this guys brain to turn to complete mush. Sewerside. Unreal stuff.

As of right now the servers are still down and they have no ETA of when they will be back up. I’m sure people will be freaking out all day and I’m living for this. Nothing makes me laugh more than people losing their minds over little things. Thank you Epic Games for making this day alittle more tolerable by ruining millions of people’s days off from work and daily after school activities. I appreciate you.

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