Yankees Top Red Sox 10-7 In A Wild One At Fenway

And just like that the rivalry is back and hotter than it was before. Last night at Fenway Park the Yankees faced off against the Red Sox in game two of the three game set. Tanaka faced off against Price on the mound and it didn’t last long. Price was pulled after the first inning due to a “sensation” in his throwing hand. He was having difficulty locating his pitches just like Severino in game one of the series. Yankees put up some runs Price before he departed. Gardner and Judge scored off of a Giancarlo Stanton triple. Now this ball would have been out of any other ballpark but due to Fenway having that dumb triangle cutout in dead center it stayed in play. But not to worry, Gary Sanchez followed up that triple with a homerun over the Green Monster, JD Martinez had no idea where it was which led to this magnificent image:

What a great image. He was standing out there absolutely clueless but he would later have his revenge. JD Martinez crushed a grand slam to center off of Tanaka in the fifth inning which made Boston close the gap to 8-6 at that point. I’m not going to lie I was nervous. It was a horrible inning for Tanaka and I thought he should have been pulled two maybe even three batters before JD even stepped to the plate. It is what it is and the Yankees ended up holding on and getting a 10-7 win. Totally makes up for the 14-1 walloping Boston laid on us the other night.

A lot of positives to takeaway from this game tonight. Sanchez and Stanton finally started to hit the baseball the way they should. Sanchez finished the game 3-5 with two homers and 4 RBIs. He came into the game hitting .056… so this is a huge step in the right direction. Stanton also went 3-5 with a triple and two singles and racked up 3 RBIs as well. He did strikeout once which I’m sure some idiot sitting in his mother’s living room booed him for. But his finally making better contact and it’s showing after last night. Lets hope this is the start of a hot streak for the both of them.

The biggest headline from this game is the bench clearing brawl. The rivalry is fucking back folks! It started off with Tyler Austin sliding into second base, he spiked Brock Holt aka Gay Bon Jovi in the leg below the knee. Was it intentional? It looked like it but who knows. Holt and Austin jawed at each other, the benches cleared but nothing happened. Fast forward to the 7th inning. Joe Kelly was pitching he threw a fastball which whizzed in very close inside to Austin. Two pitchers later Kelly delivered a 97 MPH fastball to the back of Austin. Which means the first one that missed was intentional and it was retribution. Austin smashed his bat into home plate and marched to the mound and here we go!!!

LETS GO!!! I haven’t been this jazzed up over this rivalry since Pedro Martinez chucked old Don Zimmer to the ground. I was fired up people! Both benches and dugouts cleared once again. Aaron Judge put Joe Kelly in a headlock to save his life. CC Sabathia trucked stick Chris Sale into the legs of Mitch Moreland sending them both to the ground. It was amazing. This rivalry is intense for the first time in like 7 years. Austin, Kelly were both ejected from the game. No word on any suspensions yet but it’s got people buzzing over one of the best sports rivalries ever. The final game of this series is tonight at 7:10 at Fenway and hopefully it was just as good as last nights game because I cannot wait to sit down and watch it!

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