Yankees Open Up Second Half Against The Abysmal Mets

It’s been a long five days but the wait is finally over. The New York Yankees will be on our televisions tonight. They open up a three game series with their crosstown rival, the New York Mets. You may also know them as the World Series champions of the first two weeks of the season. The Mets who opened up the season going 11-1 are now currently 16 games under .500 and they are also currently the worst team in the National League. Not a good look at all.

The series opens up in the Bronx with the Mets tossing out Noah Syndergaard against the Yankees Domingo German. Syndergaard is making his second start since coming off of his DL stint. His first start back against the Nationals he went 5 innings, 7 hits, 1 run, 2 walks and 3 strikeouts. He only threw 75 pitches but he was very hittable and his strikeouts were lower than your average Thor start. He’s still one of the best pitchers in the league. But he will be going up against one of the best lineups in baseball. Syndergaard made some boneheaded comments about the rivalry today. (Pictured below)

It’ll be nice to go out there and really put a whupping on them…. coming from the guy who ducked a start against the Yankees earlier in the season. Come on Noah… I like you. I think you’re funny, I think you’re a phenomenal pitcher. But don’t be stupid. Those luscious golden locks of yours can’t hide your stupidity on that comment. I mean I’m supposed to sit here and believe that the Mets with a lineup of the 2008 All Star Game and the addition of Cespedes returning is going to put a whupping on us? Sorry Noah not today. Do I believe you can guide the Mets to a victory tonight? Absolutely. Go 7 innings with double digit strikeouts and you might get that W. Especially if Domingo German comes out lobbing meatballs in the first two innings. But whupping is a bit of a stretch.

The Yankees lineup is getting a huge bat returning tonight. You may know him by Gary Sanchez. Fresh off his DL stint from a groin injury Sanchez is set to be back in the Yankees lineup tonight for the first time since June 24th. He makes the lineup even better and with the Yanks and Boston basically neck and neck in a pennant race he will be crucial down the stretch.

The Subway Series kicks off tonight at 7:05 in the Bronx. Hopefully the Yankees get an easy sweep and gain some ground on the Boston Red Sox who are currently 4.5 games ahead of the Yankees in the standings.

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