I Changed Bethe Correia’s Wikipedia Last April And Nobody Has Noticed

Who is Bethe Correia? Bethe is a womens bantamweight UFC fighter from Brazil. As you can probably tell I’m not very fond of her since I compare her to a human foot. It all started back in spring of 2015 leading up to her fight against Ronda Rousey. Take note that I was a HUGE Rousey fan up until she stuck her tail between her legs and walked away from MMA. She is growing on me now that’s she in the WWE. So I’m willing to give her a second chance. I was watching some press conferences for the fight and I was like Bethe Correia is gross. She looks like a Noguiera brother with tits. It’s a horrific scene. So I said to a couple of friends. “Hey, Bethe Correia literally looks like a foot. She doesn’t have a shot against Rousey.”

Come fight time which was August 1st 2015. The Foot was bludgeoned by Rousey and needed up losing by TKO. I dig through some old tweets of mine and found these gems:

So let’s fast forward to April 21st 2017. It was in the midst of the NHL Playoffs and the Rangers just beat Montreal to take a 3-2 lead in the series in the first round. I was ecstatic and alittle drunk so I was missing around on Wikipedia and I thought of my arch nemesis Bethe Correia. I went in and edited her profile and changed her nickname to “The Foot”.

I mean her actual nickname is “Pitbull” but it has been 15 months! And nobody has caught on that she has a second nickname of the foot?! That’s just bananas to me. I’m proud of this accomplishment and I’ve turned other people onto the Bethe Correia is a foot bandwagon. So I want to know what all of you think. Is she a foot or not?

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