Chapman Gives Fans Heart Attack, Chasen Shreve Pumps Life Back Into Stadium

I’m pretty sure every single Yankees fan around the globe went into cardiac arrest this afternoon when Aroldis Chapman came in for the save. Chapman had one of his worst outings ever! Chapman entered the game with the Yankees leading 7-3. This game should be locked up and over with it. Wrong! Chappy walks the first batter. Lets up an infield single to Amed Rosario. Walks another batter to load the bases. Walks in a run after that batter. Hits Nimmo resulting in another run! All of a sudden it’s a 7-5 game. Chapman threw 19 pitches, only 3 were strikes and he didn’t manage to get an out. And now the Mets have the bases loaded with no outs and I’m at work breathing into a paper bag to calm down my anxiety.

Boone finally comes to the rescue and takes out Chapman to bring in public enemy number one Chasen “Bag of Dicks” Shreve. The man I have cursed at through my TV all season. In my head I immediately chalked this game up as a loss. I thought we were taking a page out of the Mets playbook and allowing our bullpen to implode in horrendous fashion. I was beyond ready emotionally for Shreve to toss a meatball to Mesoraco and let up a grand slam on the first pitch. But I was wrong! Shreve gets Mesoraco to ground into a double play which scored a run. 7-6. Still not out of the woods yet. Reyes is at third with two outs and up cause Crybaby Wilmer Flores. Chasen Shreve does the unthinkable!! He gets him to ground out to the mound and Shreve worryfree throws the ball to first to end the inning and the good guys hold on to win 7-6…

Chasen Shreve Houdini’d himself out of a bases loaded no outs jam and picked up the save. It seems like a crazy twist in a M. Night Shyamalan movie but it’s real life and it really happened. The man I have threatened to shoot into the fucking sun so many times finally came through and put the nail in the coffin on the pesky little brothers from Queens the New York Mets.

Another shocker in this game is that Sonny Gray actually had an efficient start in the Bronx. He started the game off strong with a 13 pitch inning and striking out two. Then he let up a leadoff homer to start the second to Michael Conforto. But he simmered down and regained composure and pitched 5.1 innings to earn himself a win. This was Grays first win in the Bronx since May 5th against the Cleveland Indians. May fucking 5th. Literally two almost three full months without winning in your home ballpark. That’s just a mindfuck. Hopefully Sonny figured it out during the All Star Break and this is just the beginning of something good.

The Yankees offense jumped on Matz fairly early in the contest. They teed off on Matz in the 4th inning putting up 4 runs to take the lead and the Yankees never looked back. Andujar continues to hit extra base hits like it’s going out of style. Greg Bird has finally figured out how to stay healthy and swing a bat again. He tallied 2 RBIs in the game which puts him at 9 RBIs in his last 7 games. Definitely a huge improvement as he struggled in the first half at the plate and due to injuries. Aaron Judge continues to just mash the ball. He is heating up coming out of the break and is turning into a hitting machine. He went 3/4 today with a solo homer and a double. Making him 6/9 (niceeeee) in the series.

It was a scary and rocky win but they earned and who would have thought that the hero would be Chasen Shreve. Yankees look to win the series tomorrow night as Tanaka will take the mound against abused Jacob deGrom and his league leading 1.68 ERA. A series win would be huge and a good starting point for the Yankees who still trail the Red Sox by 5 games. It’s definitely not an impossible task to catch them in the standings but the Yankees can’t be losing games against teams they should be blowing out of the water and in my opinion the Mets are one of those teams. Even with deGrom on the mound.

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