I Officially Feel Bad For Mets Fans

I never thought the day would come that I would feel sorry for the New York Mets fanbase. But I believe the day has finally arrived and that’s day is today. News just broke that Noah Syndergaard is heading back to the disabled list. Why is he going to the DL? It’s kind of funny actually and it just solidifies the point that the Mets are a clown car franchise. Syndergaard is going to the DL because he has contracted a hand, foot and mouth disease….. uhmmmmm excuse me? Sources say it’s possible he contracted it while working at a summer camp for kids during the All Star Break. I mean he comedy just writes itself at this point. He should be back with the club in no more then two weeks. But that’s just one reason I feel bad.

Yoenis Cespedes is reason number two. He is robbing the Mets blind! Yo knows baseball? No not at all. Yo knows how to get a contract extension and cost until he’s up for a new contract. He is a crook! The man signs his extension and just to throw in the franchises face he rides into spring training on fucking horseback? If I was a Mets fan I would be LIVID!! A new car everyday that whole week plus a horse. Fuck Yoenis Cespedes. I am so happy that trashbag stayed away from my franchise. I mean he played half the season last year dealing with injuries and this season he is on pace to play another half. Congrats Mets you shelled out another contract for a scrub. Cespedes is expected to have surgery on not one of his heels but BOTH. BOTH OF HIS HEELS ARE FUCKING BROKEN! He came back for one game hit a homer and he’s cashing out until next May. It’s unreal. 51 million dollars he’s making for this season and last season and he’s barely going to play 100 games at that. Highway fucking robbery.

Next up on the list at number three is the Jeurys Familia trade. Reports came out that the Mets would eat some of Familias contract in return for a better off. The trade gets finalized and guess who didn’t eat a penny off the contract. The New York Mets. You trade a guy who brought you to the NLCS and was a pivotal role in the World Series run in 2015 and you get two lower level prospects and international money…. you can’t look me in my eyes and tell me there wasn’t a better return out there. It’s pathetic. I’m not even a Mets fan but the way this franchise is run infuriates me and I feel bad for all my friends who have to root for this sad excuse of a franchise.

How can this franchise turn this around? Get rid of the Wilpons. ASAP! They are probably the worst owners in sports history. They have made countless idiotic moves, handed out absurd contracts. Look at the product they throw out on the field. It’s a disgrace. I truly feel bad for you guys. I mean that. I really do. I may gloat about my teams success to get you guys furious and what not but I hope you guys figure something out. And I hope you guys do it in the near future. It’s not even fun to make fun of you guys anymore. Even Bobby Bonilla Day has become less fun and that’s a day that should always be fun for everyone.

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