Mike Fiers To Boston = Rivalry Fully Back On

Reports have come out today that Mike Fiers, starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has drawn interest from the Boston Red Sox after pitching 6.1 innings of shutout baseball against them in Saturday. So what does that have to do with a rivalry being fully back on? If you lived under a rock, the rivalry I am referring to is the classic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Why would Fiers to Boston affect that? Lets go back in time to 2014 and see what happened back then:

Yep. That’s current Yankee Giancarlo Stanton getting smashed in the face with a ball by Mike Fiers 3 years ago. 88 MPH square to the face with no protection. He ended up missing the final two weeks of the season due to facial fractures, dental damage and multiple lacerations to his face and mouth. You can tell in the video Fiers felt horrible about it. But let’s flash forward to earlier this season. Fiers who is currently pitching for the Tigers on a one year deal faced off against Stanton for the first time since that incident in 2014 and this is what happened:

I mean obviously Stanton is going to get ticked off over that given the history between him and Fiers. I mean it’s been three and a half years at this point but going high and inside on a 3-1 count after you drilled this same man in the face is a real ballsy move. Benches clear and tempers are high but nothing really happens. The two mouth off to each other and Stanton takes his base and that’s pretty much the end of it. Stanton gets another at bat against Fiers and it was pretty amazing:

Stanton deposits a jumbo dong off of Fiers. 456 feet to left, hits him with the disrespectful bat flip and then hits him with the point after crossing home. Stanton is clearly one to hold grudges and for that Fiers calls him “childish” in his post game interview. Stanton flat out says “don’t hit me given our history.”

Could you imagine if Fiers finds his way to Boston? The way this season is going the Yankees and Red Sox are going to be battling for the division up until the final game of the season. You add Fiers into the mix and Stanton who numerous Boston Red Sox fans were clamoring over before he was dealt to the Yanks, that’s nothing but drama and the powder keg might just explode. The Yankees end their season against Boston at Fenway. Picture it. Fiers is starting the final game of the season. Winner takes the division. Stanton is up at the plate. Fiers goes high and inside. Holy fuck my adrenaline is pumping. In my opinion the rivalry hasn’t been anything crazy in years. It’s nothing like it was when I was growing up when Pedro flat out told reporters that the Yankees are his daddy and when he shucked old ass Don Zimmer to the ground when the benches cleared. A-Rod fighting Varitek. By the way Jason Varitek giant bitch for leaving his catcher mask on. That’s the rivalry both fanbases crave and live for. So trust me, Fiers to Boston may be the spark that causes this whole thing to explode like the early 2000s all over again and I’m totally here for it.

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