Tekashi 69 Kidnapped And Robbed At Gunpoint

First off I saw this going live on twitter last night while I was laying in bed and I was smiling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Only I wasn’t smiling about a brand new bicycle with a red bow on it. I was smiling at the fact this deranged troll looking imbecile got smacked around. If you don’t know who Tekashi 69 I congratulate you. I wish I didn’t know who he was. I wish I could go more than two days without seeing this idiot and his rainbow grill pop up on my Instagram or twitter feed. I hate him.

Tekashi 69 is a shitty rapper, if you even want to classify him as that, from Brooklyn, NY. How this dude got famous I have no idea. He recently got more exposure when he called out Chief Keef in an Instagram video which can be seen Here . First off you shouldn’t be calling out anyone especially when you have a fucking Pomeranian that’s dyed orange. God I fucking hate you Tekashi. This video leads to Chief Keef flying to NY which results in 69 fleeing to the other side of the country with his tail between his legs. I bet you that orange Pomeranian has bigger balls than you pal.

Chief Keef was shot at outside of his hotel in NYC later that night. Many believe that was set up by 69 which he later denied when asked about it. For the record Chief Keef is literally the last person I would ever try and have beef with. I’m pretty sure he has killed people before. No sweat off his dick. Killed somebody and moved on like nothing happened. Lil Jojo for example once said fuck Chief Keef. You know where he is now? Dead. Coincidence? Not at all.

So let’s fast forward to last night. Apparently Tekashi 69 was pulling into his driveway when three masked men pistol whipped him and threw him in the back of their car. They explained to him if they don’t hand over money and his jewelry they would kill him on the spot. 69 clearly told them take what they want as they made off with a 750k chain and approximately 15,000-20,000 dollars. Dude got robbed for close to a million dollars for running his mouth. He was apparently flaunting the same chain that got stolen at strip club earlier in the night. Tekashi eventually got out of the vehicle in a daring escape and got into a strangers car and basically begged the guy to help him. He eventually got out at an intersection and the driver called 911 for him. He was eventually picked up and hospitalized for his injuries. A picture surfaced of him with a black eye and a swollen cheek this morning.

(courtesy of TMZ)

I mean it just goes to show if you talk all this shit claiming you are “untouchable” and “the king of NY” someone is going to challenge you on that and fuck you up and rob you for almost a million. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy and I hope Chief Keef was behind this and is laughing it up in Chicago. But no worries for Tekashi fans, he just put out a song with Nicki Minaj so that means your boy who looks likes a prison inmate fucked a circus clown will stay relevant for another 4 months or so. Oh joy….

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