Yankees Add J.A. Happ In Exchange For Drury, McKinney

And just like that the Yankees seem to have their starter to fill out the rotation. The Yankees have added lefty pitcher J.A. Happ from the Toronto Blue Jays. Happ currently has a record of 10-6 in 20 starts. His ERA is sitting at 4.18 with 114 innings of work. He isn’t the best pitcher out there by any means but he will be very very serviceable for this team. He is an instant upgrade over the German/Cessa debacle we have been dealing with since Jordan Montgomery went down for the season with an injury. I’d even put him above the currently struggling Sonny Gray who has been quite a disappointment since getting shipped to the Bronx.

In exchange the Yankees send Brandon Drury who can play all over the place for the Jays. He more or less will be a replacement at third base for Donaldson who just can’t seem to stay healthy for longer than 36 hours. Drury who did not have a terrible season as a Yankee basically lost his spot to the emergence of Miguel Andujar. Also included in the trade was outfielder Billy McKinney. McKinney who only had 4 at bats in the majors this year is a decent prospect looking for a shot. Unfortunately he would have never gotten one with the Yankees. Stanton, Judge, Gardner, Clint Frazier, Florial all sitting above him in the ranks. I mean this was a no brainer for the Yankees.

Cashman did it again. He basically gave up nothing to get a potential number three starter. Two guys who can’t crack the lineup and Cashman gets his main need for his team. Cashman continues to be lights out for this team as he has been for the 2-3 years. He’s been making all the right moves and rebuilt this team in less than a season. The man is on one of hottest streaks in sports management history. It’s unbelievable to watch. I would assume to see Happ no earlier than the Orioles series. Give him time to work with Romine, build a relationship and hopefully he just starts winning some games for us. He’s a guy who can go deep into games for us and can absolutely win some games for us when we truly need it. Well done Cashman! Lets go Yankees!

One thought on “Yankees Add J.A. Happ In Exchange For Drury, McKinney

  1. It's My Opinion says:

    I like it. With what Cashman had it’s their best option. Veteran lefty who goes out there to eat innings and toss quality starts. He’ll have his days just like any other fifth man but regardless of it all, the Yankees have the bullpen to carry the load. Good article man, I’ll have one out soon as well.

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