Alex Rodriguez Turns 43: A Look Back At His Top Moments In Pinstripes

This day 43 years ago a baby boy by the name of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was born. Throughout his 22 year career in the majors he was loved by some and hated by most. Infamous in the Biogenesis steroid scandal back in 2013 which led to many calling him a fraud and a disgrace to the game. He turned it all around and is now beloved by many due to his baseball intelligence and his charismatic personality he shows on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. He made a full 180 and when I did curse his name a bunch of times during his time in the Bronx, I also cheered his name. I was able to witness his final game before hanging up the cleats also. Not as big as Jeters or Mariano Rivera’s but it was very cool to witness.

Throughout his career A-Rod amassed some insane stats at the plate. He finished with 696 homeruns which is 4th all time. 3115 hits which he holds sole possession of 20th on that list all time. He’s career average sits at .295 and back in his Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers days he was an outstanding shortstop. Some may argue “But hey he stuck needles in his ass in order to hit” , “he wasn’t about the team, he was only about himself” , “A-Rod was a douche did you see him kissing himself in that mirror picture?” Who cares? I sure as hell don’t. I enjoyed his time with the Yankees and I’m grateful I was able to watch this guys entire career. I mean how can you not like a guy who’s out here piping J. Lo? It’s impossible. The guy has it going on clearly. So in honor of the GOAT A-Rod let’s rattle off his top moments as a New York Yankee.

A-Rod Vs Varitek

Who could forget the classic brawl between Alex and Jason Varitek? You know the one where Varitek was a giant vagina and left his mask on. So it’s the third inning Yankees are up 3-0 in Fenway. A-Rod who drove in the winning run the night before was at the plate with Bronson Arroyo on the mound, Arroyo plunks him. Alex is clearly pissed because it’s intentional so Varitek starts jawing with him and then hits him in the face with his catchers mitt. This leads to A-Rod swinging and the benches clear. Welcome to the rivalry Alex! Varitek will later be known as the bitchboy who left his mask on. The fight can be seen below:

A-Rod Homerun #500

It was August 4th 2007. A game against the Royals at Yankee Stadium. Kyle Davies on the mound and A-Rod blasts one to left field for his 500th of his career. Making him the youngest player to ever join the 500 club at 32 years old and 8 days. Later that year A-Rod would hit the most homeruns by a right handed batter for the Yankees in a single season with 54.

Alex’s 2009 Postseason

During his early years as a Yankee many fans labeled him an under-performer during the postseason. Which statistically would be correct. In situations where he would come up with a big hit in the regular season he would no show come playoff time. I can’t count how many times I yelled “Fuck you A-Rod” during the postseason after seeing him ground in to a double play in a clutch situation. It killed me. Night in and night out.

But all of this changed in 2009. Alex lit that postseason the fuck up and pissed all over it to put it out. He hit .365 with 6 homers and 18 RBIs. Absolutely crushed it. Even had one of the most clutch hits in the World Series that year. A double off of Brad Lidge in the ninth inning of game 4 which was tied 4-4 at the time. I’ll never forget that hit. The ball dropping over the head of Raúl Ibañez. Truly incredible. This win would propel the Yankees to their 27th World Series in franchise history and a lot of that was due to Alex’s bat throughout the postseason. Thank you Alex! (Courtesy of the NY Post)

A-Rod Hits Homerun #600

Literally three years to the day of him hitting his 500th homerun Alex hits another milestone with his 600th. The blast came off of Shaun Marcum, what a fucking throwback name that is Jesus… once again in typical A-Rod fashion he makes history by becoming the youngest player in history to make it to the 600 club.

A-Rod Homers For Hit #3000

Just like a former Yankee legend, probably the greatest Yankee of all time Derek Jeter. A-Rod homers to join the 3000 hit club. And it was caught by infamous ball hawk virgin douchebag Zack Hample. This hit actually helped him rise to even more fame so I’m kind of mad A-Rod hit this homer. But nonetheless a very cool moment for Alex.

Love him or hate him, Alex Rodriguez was one of the most polarizing figures in baseball over the last 20 years. With all the steroid accusations aside, he might have been one of the greatest hitters ever. If he managed to stay healthy and avoid that year long suspension in 2014. Could it be possible A-Rod shatters Bonds HR record? I definitely think so. Thanks for the memories Alex and have a good birthday and keep on entertaining us big guy!

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