Brady Skjei Signs A 6 Yr, $31.5m Deal With The New York Rangers

Oh happy days are here boys and girls!! Brady Skjei’s new contract makes me want to kiss Jeff Gorton on the god damn mouth! Skjei’s new deal is six years in length with AAV of 5.25 million. That’s a bargain and a half. I’m so excited over this, that I’m about to run outside and do naked cartwheels in the rain all throughout Cape Cod. Side note: this place sucks and I don’t know why people vacation here. You’re all idiots.

Brady Skjei who has shown some significant flashes of brilliance on the blue line is currently sitting with 64 points in two full seasons with the Rangers. He had a drop off last season as he put up 14 points less than the year before. But I think we can all agree that everybody was underperforming thanks to a gum chewing douche canoe that stood behind the bench for our team last season. Bye AV, you will not be missed. With the addition of David Quinn set to take over for AV, we can expect to see Skjei put up numbers like he did in his first full season. He’ll be able to play his game and won’t get shunned if has a hiccup here and there. We could almost expect 40-50 points a year from a healthy Brady at the blue line possibly and I’m all for that. This signing and seeing how involved Quinn is with members of the team already has me so excited for the season even though I don’t have high expectations. The Rangers are fully committed to a rebuild and that is very comforting.

So why is Brady Skjeis contract so great? Well, with a cap ceiling that has been on the rise season after season. Skjei signing for 5.25m a year is such a steal. A player of his caliber could be making close $7 million in two years if the cap keeps rising. We signed Ryan McDonagh for 6 years/28.2 million back when he was due for a contract. So to keep the years the same and just add on $3 million dollars overall basically is amazing. The cap has risen by $15 million since that McDonagh deal. Gorton did a hell of a job looking up Brady who hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Gorton has been out here killing the game and now with Skjei locked up, Shattenkirk coming back healthy, an iffy Marc Staal, a surprise in Neal Pionk, a decent John Gilmour and either a questionable DeAngelo or a traffic cone of Rob O’Gara. The Rangers defense is looking pretty damn good and considerably young if you take Cyclops Staal out of the equation. This news of signing Skjei has me so ready for hockey and it’s killing me that we are 67 days away from the opening night of the NHL season. But October is coming and it’s coming fast!

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