Yankees Ship Adam Warren To Mariners


Once again, Cashman just being his sneaky self behind the scenes making these little trades when nobody expects it. Let me just say I love this crazy, building scaling, magical Jewish man. I have always and will always trust Brian Cashman in every single move he makes when it comes to this team. He has been insanely busy at the deadline over the last three seasons and this one is new different. In one of many trades today, Cashman shipped off Adam Warren for the second time in three years. This time Warren is being sent to the north-west to lovely, rainy Seattle, which I hear is still haunted by Kurt Cobain’s ghost. In return the Yankees received, that’s right you guessed it! More international spending money!

With those trade the Yankees reached the maximum amount of international money they can hoard at once. $3.75 million. That’s right Poppa Cashman give me all the top international prospects. With some of this money, the Yankees already pounced on a prospect, Osiel Rodriguez, a 16-year-old pitcher from Cuba. He is 6’3″ and 205 pounds, basically double the size of what I was at 16. (I’m not bitter or anything… I swear) O-Rod is a righty who has potential to hit 96 mph on the radar gun… yeah 96 at the age of fucking 16. Unbelievable.

Oh wait, he was throwing 96 mph at 15? Well fuck me right… The Yankees signed O-Rod for $600,000 which still leaves them with a shitload of international money. He is currently the ninth best prospect in the international pool. So hats off to B Cash once again. The guy just can’t miss these days.

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