J.A. Happ Diagnosed With Foot, Hand, Mouth Disease

First off… what are we the fucking Mets? Keep these ridiculous injuries in Queens and far away from the Bronx. I mean really what did Noah Syndergaard steal Happs overnight bag and lick his toothbrush and every item in it? Like I’m really confused as to how this disease surfaces. Luckily, the Yankees most likely kicked him out of the clubhouse once he brought his symptoms up to a doctor. We can’t be having that shit float around the locker room, especially with all the injuries we are already dealing with. I mean the trade deadline came and went this afternoon and there was no breaking news of a Yankees-Mets trade but clearly there was. Syndergaard clearly swapped spit with Happ. It was a one for one trade and it seems like the trade has ended up hurting both teams instantly. Hate to see it.

Fun fact. A ton of Boston fans were like the damn peanut gallery when this news broke but not even an hour later word came up that Chris Sale was heading to the 10 day DL retroactive to July 28th. He is heading to the DL due to some mild left shoulder inflammation. Also known as ducking the Yankees syndrome. Nothing like Sale taking a page out of Davey “Tinglefingers” Price’s book. It’s a shame because when we head up to Boston Thursday, I don’t want to be this mediocre lineup, I want to beat the best. It’s a shame that all these “aces” are ducking the Yankees. Price, Syndergaard earlier in the season, now Sale. Unbelievable.

Good news for Happ is that the Yankees doctors seem to have caught his disease early and he might only end up missing his start against Boston this weekend. Not the end of the world. There has already been talks of newly acquired Lance Lynn starting in his place, who has pitched against Boston twice this year as a member of the Twins. In those starts he is 1-0 with 11 IP 2ER and 5Ks. Not too bad considering the Red Sox just about smack every other starter in baseball like a stepchild who has been behaving badly at dinner. Hopefully Happ rebounds quick and can hop right back into the swing of things. Speedy recovery Happ! Let’s Go Yankees!


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