The Mets Got Railed 25-4 By Nats

4:27 pm. The exact time the Mets announced they were not committed to a rebuild and why they didn’t lower their asking price on Zach Wheeler. I have never in my life been more embarrassed for a professional sports team. How can you Mets fans put up with this? Look at the return the Rays got for Archer, they straight up pillaged the Pirates farm system. Imagine what the Mets could have got if they actually committed to trading either Syndergaard or DeGrom. It would have been insane. That’s not even the worse thing about this tweet though. The worst was yet to come as the Mets had to face off against the Nationals at 7:05.

Spoiler Alert: It did not go well… at all.

Steven Matz started the game for the Mets and he put on an amazing performance, one for the ages! His stat line was 0.2 IP 7ER 2Ks and a walk. That’s a whole lot of bad. 7-0 hole for the Mets after one inning of play. But as Kevin Garnett said “Anything is possible!” Except the Mets coming back in this game. That’s very impossible as 7-0 was just the beginning. The Mets let up 3 more runs in the second, 10-0. Pretty bad still. But it gets worse. Daniel “we don’t want to pay you” Murphy came up in the third inning with two runners on and crushed a ball to right field for a three run fuck you homer to make it a 13-0 game. At this moment I’m sure Mickey “The Savior” Callaway was rummaging around the dugout for a white flag. But just like the team on the field, he was unsuccessful and just sat around like a loser. The Nats tacked on another three runs in the fourth and another three in the fifth. 19-0. This is just comedic gold at this point.

But the Mets were able to cut the deficit in the seventh. Jeff McNeil corked a solo shot to right cutting the Nationals lead to eighteen. 19-1 and the comeback is fully on. The Mets brought in future Hall Of Fame reliever Jose Reyes into the game to pitch the eight inning. He was out of his element, that’s for sure. But justice was served as Reyes found himself on the receiving end of a beating. He let up 5 hits, 6 runs, walked two and hit a batter in his MLB pitching debut. Which just goes to show that he is useless no matter where you put this man on the field. He was out there throwing 49 mph meatballs. 49 MPH!! I think the 5-year-old down the hall from me has more velocity than that. After Reyes finally got out of the inning the Nationals were leading 25-1. They were about by fucking two dozen runs. That’s craziness to me. The Nationals are just out here bending the Mets over a barrel and showing them all fifty states.

The Mets made it a little more respectable by scoring three runs in the ninth but it wouldn’t be enough as they ended up losing the game 25-4 in a heartbreaker. But Mets fans should be confident because they are set to contend next year, hence why they made no moves today to try to build up for their future. The Mets of 2015 are long and gone. This team is now back to being a hot dumpster fire circus act. But to be honest this is my favorite kind of Mets team. They add a very much-needed comedic relief to my life when my day isn’t the best. So thank you to the Wilpons for continuing to be the most incompetent owners in all of sports.

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