Yankees Lose Second Straight In Boston 4-1 As Porcello Pitches A Gem

My first experience at Fenway Park didn’t go as expected. I had fun, I enjoyed myself but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting grown men yelling in my face, a competitive game and maybe a fight or two. Not even one of those three happened. I took the train in and didn’t get harassed once. Very odd. I sat in the centerfield bleachers all night, not a single thing thrown or shouted at me. Even more odd. Leaving the game walking back to the train I encountered my first hint of verbal abuse, a drunk kid walked up to me and said “Maybe next time fruit cake!” And that was it. All that hype for nothing. Wasn’t even a good insult and I was highly disappointed. But there was something even more disappointing than the smack talk and that was the game.

Tempers began to flare in the first inning when Brett Gardner was hit on the third pitch of the game. This resulted in Luis Severino throwing inside on Mookie Betts at the bottom of the inning on the very first pitch. Was it intentional? Was it accidental? We really don’t know but regardless this sent out an irate Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox, he went on an absolute tirade that eventually got him thrown out of the game. He had these comments on the situation and the tension going into the weekend after the game:

Maybe Aaron Boone should take some notes from Cora. He’s emotional and he isn’t afraid to show it. Actually seems like Cora has a clue on what he’s doing as Boone just continues to flail more and more as the season goes on. But let’s recap this game finally.

After a one out ground rule double by Benintendi in the first, newly appointed arch nemesis of the Yankees Steve Pearce came up to the plate. And what do you know this dude hit another homerun. His fourth in 2 nights. Absolutely absurd. The second the ball landed, whatever optimism I had going into the game was deflated. It was just going to be one of those nights and I wasn’t wrong. 2-0 Red Sox. Ian Kinsler scored a two out single, following it up by stealing second base. Just proving that no matter what team you are, you can steal whenever you like because Gary Sanchez and his groin are dead on the disabled list. Kinsler would come around to score on an Eduardo Nunez single making it 3-0 after an inning of play.

The Yankees would get on the board in the third inning with a lead off bomb by Miggy Andujar. Just padding his stats for his ROY campaign. 3-1 Red Sox and this homerun would be the only offense the Yankees would put together the whole night. One run on one hit. Nothing more and nothing less.

Rick Porcello absolutely smoked the Yankees lineup last night. He rolled us up, lit the end of it and smoked us down until we were nothing but ash. Porcello turned it on and flashed back to his former CY Young winning self. He pitched a complete game on 86 pitches. Granted the Yankees were swinging at everything thrown at them but you can’t take credit away from Porcello. He pitched a gem. End of story. He struck out 9 and only let up one hit, the Miggy Bomb and walked one, which was him beaming Gardner to start the game. He retired 21 batter in a row with ease and I tip my hat to him. Hell of a performance.

The Red Sox would score one more run to make it 4-1 which would end up being the final for the game. It came off a Mitch Moreland RBI single in the fifth that brought home J.D. Martinez. A bright note for the Yankees is that Tommy Kahnle has finally returned and pitched a 1-2-3 eighth inning on 13 pitches with a strikeout. Minus that the Yankees all around were just flat out atrocious. They still have a chance to split the series but if they come out the way they did last night, it can easily turn into a four game sweep for Boston. Time to step up Boone and actually manage the team. Balls in your court bud.

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