Yankees Suffer Another 4-1 Loss To Boston And I’m Dead Inside

Oy Vey!! Another loss. Making it four in a row for the Yankees. At this point I don’t know what’s deader, the Yankees bats or my hopes of Aaron Boone being able to manage a team at the Major League level. We suffered yet again another 4-1 to loss, the second game in a row and the gap between us and Boston in the division is getting bigger and bigger. We are now looking at an 8.5 game gap with 53 games remaining. Impossible? No, but it’s going to be a tough climb. So this team better pull their heads out of their asses and learn how to hit a baseball again. So without further ado, let’s recap this bitch!

The Red Sox tossed out former Yankee Nathan Eovaldi, despite two Tommy John surgeries the man can still throw some gas. He also had developed a terrific cutter that he’s been displaying this year. Eovaldi started this game off quickly, a 1-2-3 inning on 11 pitches and he did not slow down. The Yankees for the second day in a row made a middle of the road pitcher look like the second coming of fucking Nolan Ryan. Porcello hit us with Maddux yesterday and this afternoon Eovaldi dicked us down slowly. He finished the game with a line of eight innings pitched, zero runs, four strikeouts and one walk. He owned us. I always liked Eovaldi, it’s a shame his run as a Yankee was tarnished by injuries but it makes me sick that he fucked our faces wearing a Red Sox uniform. Boston struck gold at the deadline with Eovaldi while we have a dude with hand, foot and mouth disease. The rich get richer and the hurt get even more hurt apparently.

As for the Yankees, Chance Adams made his Major League debut. Unfortunately his debut didn’t go the way he expected it. After a one out single by Benintendi, who would advance to second on a passed ball, Mitch Moreland stood at the plate and welcomed our boy Chance to the majors with a two run shot over the bullpens in right field. 2-0 Sox and for the third day in a row I died a little bit inside. The Red Sox would take Chance deep one more time. In the bottom of the fourth inning, AL HR leader J.D. Martinez would hit his 33rd of the season over the stupid Green Monster in left. 3-0 Sox. Chance calmed down a lot throughout the game and actually pieced together a very good start. With the Yankees offense being deader than a Pharoah that’s tucked away in a pyramid in Egypt, Chance put together the best debut he could. His final line would be: five innings pitched, 3 runs, two strikeouts and a walk. Unfortunately he got the ultimate fuck you from his zombie teammates. They couldn’t put hits together if their names were The Jackson 5.

An absolute fucking missile by JD

Ultimately, the Red Sox would score another run in the seventh from a Sandy Leon ground rule double that scored Eduardo Nunez, 4-0 Sox. But the Yankees would avoid the shutout in the ninth inning. They made Kimbrel work a bit out of the pen and got a run across by way of an RBI double by Didi Gregorius. 4-1 Sox and that would be the final. The Yankees for a second game in a row had a dead night at the plate, Chance Adams looked great and I hope we see more of him this season. This team needs a shakeup and has to get something going on offense. Scoring only one run in each of the last two games is only going to result in us being a wild card team. Maybe missing the playoffs. We need Judge and Sanchez’s bats back in this lineup in the worst way. Hopefully Tanaka can save us from being swept under the rug tomorrow night as we finish this four game set against David Price on Sunday Night Baseball.

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