The Yankees Implode And Lose In Extras 5-4 To Red Sox

Worst. Loss. Of. The. Season.  That’s the best way to sum up this game and what my eyes just witnessed unfold on my television. Holy Shit.. This is the first game of the four game set that had the vintage Yankees-Red Sox feel to it. We had a solid pitchers duel, neither side able to score a run, a rally by one team, late game heroics, extra innings and then a walk off. Like a typical game between the two rival teams it took close to 5 hours for the game to be over. Let me tell you it really sucks to be on the losing side.

Masahiro Tanaka and David Price would start for their respected teams tonight. And the result was a pitchers duel. Each pitcher was dealing, Tanaka was the first one to crack in this intense matchup. In the bottom of the fifth inning Tanaka was facing Mookie Betts with one out in the inning, he left a cutter in the middle of the plate on a 2-0 count and Betts smacked that ball like it was his bitch. A 437 foot rocket over the Monster in left. Boston draws first blood and are up 1-0. Tanaka would come out after Pearce reached safely on a throwing error by Andujar. His final line would be: 4.2 innings pitched, 6 hits, 1 run, 9 strikeouts. He was dealing tonight. But like the last two games the Yankees couldn’t generate any offense whatsoever.

As good as Tanaka was tonight, David Price was just as good, perhaps even better. Price who has gotten absolutely railed by the Yankees ever since he joined the Red Sox. And when I say railed I mean he had an 8.39 ERA against the Yankees ever since he put a Red Sox uniform on. But he sung a different tune tonight. David Price cruised through the game up until the seventh inning. With a 1-0 lead, he ran into some trouble, finally. Gardner would lead the inning off with a single and Austin Romine would earn a walk on a seven pitch at bat. Uh oh! The Red Sox yanked Price out of the game and tossed in Heath Hembree. The runners on base are charged to Price still so let’s see how this works out.

Shane Robinson would come up, why is he in the starting lineup again? Who knows really, Aaron Boone might just be that clueless at this point. He showed bunt majority of the at bat and Hembree ran 3 pitches in a row high and in on Robinson. Robinson seemed to take offense to the last one and then the camera cut to the Yankees dugout where Judge, Stanton with a bat in his hand and CC Sabathia all looked like they were ready to start snapping necks at the drop of the dime. I like our odds in a brawl, I don’t care who you put them up against. Those 3 guys could take out Thanos with ease.


Robinson would eventually earn himself a walk and that would load the bases for the Yankees  with the top of the order coming up with no outs. Aaron Hicks would finally get the Yankees on the board, he hit a grounder a tad to the left of second base. Bogaerts had trouble fielding the ball which resulted in it slowly rolling to shallow center. Gardner would score and so would Romine and the Yankees would take a 2-1 lead. Thanks Xander! Stanton would continue to the scoring with a single to left that would score Robinson and its now 3-1 Yanks. Later in the inning Gleyber Torres would hit a sac fly to center that would score Hicks making it a 4-1 lead. Just like that the Yankees set themselves up for a win and as usual David Price was set up for the loss against his nemesis the New York Yankees.

Zach Britton would come in and pitch a scoreless seventh. Betances would come out to pitch the eight inning and continue his dominance out of the pen. After hitting JD Martinez to start the inning, he would strikeout the next two batters and close out the inning by getting Eduardo Nunez to ground out to third. By the way, fun fact, Nunez’s helmet still falls off every play when he’s running the base paths. I hate Eduatdo Nunez so much. Guy has been in the league for like 8 years and still can’t get a helmet that fits.

Aroldis Chapman would come out in the bottom of the ninth to close the game out. He was 29 for 30 in save opportunities this season coming into the game and he has a streak of 22 in a row going for him. All of that crashed and burned in the course of 20 minutes. He struck out Brock Holt to start the inning and seemed off to a dominant start. Nope. It was just the beginning of the end. After throwing a first pitch strike to Sandy Leon he proceeded to throw 4 straight balls to give him a walk. He would then follow it up with a walk to Betts. First and second no outs and at that moment I just knew it was only a matter of time that this game was on it’s way to an implosion. And I wasn’t wrong. Chapman would manage to strikeout Benintendi looking for the second out of the inning. One out away from avoiding the sweep. Unfortunately Chapman had other plans and said fuck this and issued his third walk of the inning, this time to Steve Pearce and this resulted in the bases being loaded for JD Martinez. And on the very first pitch JD took a 99 mph fastball up in the zone and lined it into center. This resulted in two runs scoring making it a one run game. This also resulted in me more than likely having a minor stroke because I just knew what the outcome of this game was going to be. Bogaerts would follow-up JD’s at bat with a groundball to third. Andujar picks the ball up and fires the ball to first. Game over?

NOPE!!! Not tonight! Andujar came up alittle short on the throw and Bird couldn’t successfully scoop it at first. This scored Martinez from second and the Red Sox tie it at 4 runs a piece. Put a bullet in my head because I can’t take this anymore. But the Red Sox would eventually put me out of misery in the bottom of the tenth inning. Thank you for not dragging this out longer than it had to be. Jonathan Holder would pitch the tenth and get the first two outs of the inning rather quickly. But Sandy Leon managed to take an inside pitch and blooped it into center for a single. One pitch later, Holder would throw a slider in the dirt that would go all the way to the backstop. Leon would advance to second and now Boston has the winning run in scoring position. Joy. We opted to intentionally walk Betts to give us a force at any base minus home. Into the box steps Andrew Benintendi and on a 2-1 pitch, Holder left a changeup up in the zone on the outside part of the plate and Benintendi sent a hard grounder through the shift past the glove of Torres sending the game winning run home. 5-4 Red Sox win and they sweep us under the rug like the trash we are.

On to Chicago to face the White Sox. Get this team the hell out of Boston and you can leave Holder and Boone off the team plane as well. My patience is beyond thin with the both of them. Boston brought the brooms out on us and hopefully that serves as a wake up call to the coaches and the players. With this loss we fall 9.5 games behind Boston and the surging A’s close the gap in the wild card race to 2.5 games. Time to step up or just move aside at this point. The Yankees control their own destiny at this point. Wild card or no playoffs. The choice is theirs.

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