Andujar, Gray propel Yankees past White Sox in Extras 4-3

This game can be described using one word. Torture. The Yankees in typical Yankee fashion almost choked against a team that is way below .500. Luckily they came through. It took 13 innings but god damn they came through.

CC Sabathia. Where do I begin? This guy pitched his dick off tonight. He went 5.2 innings, 4 hits, one run, 3 walks and a dominating 12 strikeouts. Twelve! All of the outs CC converted except for 5 were all strikeouts. He really dialed it back and brought out some vintage Sabathia and it was incredibly fun to watch. After giving up a sac fly to Jose Abreu in the bottom of third, making it a 1-0 game in favor of the White Sox, CC was pulled in the sixth inning and was on the hook for the loss because like a story we’ve become too accustomed too, the Yankees bats were dead. Once again.

The Yankees almost tied the game up in the 6th inning. So close but we were robbed once again by Adam Engel. Kyle Higashioka drilled a ball to center and Engel channeled his inner Peter Parker and robbed us of another homerun. The second day in a row this guy has ripped my heart out of my chest. Just fuck off Adam Engel, no more of this shit.

But in the seventh inning, Papa Andujar tied this bitch up 1-1. On the very first pitch to lead off the inning, Miggy absolutely pissed on a fastball low in the zone and drilled it 367 feet to left field. That’s your Rookie of the Year ladies and gents. Deal with it.

Shmacked it.

The score would remain tied and eventually send the game into extra innings. Great. In the top of the tenth inning, Brett Gardner worked a one out walk. Hicks followed it up by striking out and giving the Yankees their second out of the inning. Stanton stepped into the box and worked the count full. Tyler Danish hung a curveball just enough for Big Dick Stanton to obliterate this ball into the Chicago sky and just like that the Yankees took a 3-1 lead. Stanton comes through with a big time ding dong for the squad and the Yankees are looking at winning back to back games.

That was until Zach Britton stepped on the mound to close out the game in the tenth. His time with the Yankees hasn’t been going to plan, that’s for sure. And tonight might have hurt the most for Britton. After hitting Narvaez to start the inning off, Britton threw a pitch that bounced 3 feet in front of the plate and got away from Higashioka. With a runner on second and the tying run at the plate with no outs, all Yankees fans know how this story ends, especially as of late. Britton got the next two batters out on ground balls. Neither allowed Narvaez to advance to third. Phew, that was close and we’re an out away from a win. But Jose Abreu had other plans. Britton threw a sinker that hung out in the middle of the plate and Abreu clobbered it. A two run shot to tie the game. Fuck me. It’s never easy is it?

The Yankees who just got the wind taken out of their sails weren’t able to get the bats going in the top of the eleventh. Boone opted to bring in public enemy number one, Sonny Gray. Ballgame over. The Yankees lose. We all know how this goes. But tonight had a different ending. Sonny Gray looked better than ever and absolutely stunned everyone. He would pitch for three innings and let up zero runs, one hit, one walk and struck out four. He would also pick up the win tonight. About time Sonny. Maybe he is taking the 2009 Phil Hughes route. Hopefully that’s the case and he’s lights out for the rest of the season because we need it.

The Yankees would score the go ahead run in the top of the 13th inning. Gregorius would start the inning off with lead off walk and Luke Voit would follow it up with a single. Two on and no outs. A situation the Yankees have totally fucked up multiple times this year. But not tonight. Miggy “ROY” Andujar would deliver a one out RBI single to score Didi and that’s all the Yankees would need. 4-3. Sonny Gray got a 1-2-3 bottom of the 13th and that would be the ballgame. A 4-3 Yankees win and the squad is building up some confidence. Lets continue it tonight for the love of God.

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