…Is this thing on?

*Dusts off the old blogging fingers*

I would like to announce that I am 100% back. I was on a 3 month hiatus. During this hiatus a lot of things have happened.

The Yankees got torched by the Red Sox in 4 games in the ALDS. But we don’t have to talk about it.

The Red Sox who torched my team is now only 3 wins away from winning a World Series. Leave it up to my shit luck that the year I move to Massachusetts from my beautiful home of New York, the Red Sox are going to have a god damn parade. Cue the duck boats I guess.

The Giants are 1-6 and have begun to hold a fire sale. “Snacks” Harrison gone for a 5th round pick. Sick move Gettleman. I could have traded a piece of shit wrapped in tin foil and bedazzled it and gotten more value in return. You shmuck. Eli is cooked. Saquon is a stud. Odell is Odell. Another top 3 pick incoming for Big Blue this year.

The Rangers are fun to watch and are embracing the rebuild. Love to see it! Keep it coming and trade Hank to a contender so I can see that man raise that cup before he retires… please!

The Knicks are the Knicks. Being competitive. I’m loving the enthusiasm Fizdale shows on the bench. Very very interested to see this team when Porzingis comes back 100%.

But I’m back and we will blogging every god damn day until my god damn fingers fall off. Lets go and lets get this ball rolling!

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