UFC/ONE Have A Trade To Announce…

What a day to be an MMA fan!! We are on the verge of witnessing the first trade in the history of the sport. News broke earlier this afternoon that UFC and ONE have discussed a possible trade sending Ben Askren to UFC and UFC sending Demetrius Johnson to ONE in return.

First off, I have been demanding to see Ben Askren in the UFC for years. Thanks for prolonging that Uncle Dana. Askren has spent his career in Bellator and ONE. During that time he has compiled a record of 18-0-1. Pretty damn good. He literally takes down anyone in front of him and then pounds the ever loving shit out of them. It’s quite the sight to see. I’ve followed Askren since his days in Mizzou, where he is a 2 time NCAA champion and a 2 time finalist. The man was a force on the mat and it transitioned over to MMA rather easily.

So who does Askren face when he gets to the UFC? The options are endless. Could this lure GSP back? Could he smack around Khabib? We all know Tyron Woodley is sadly out of the question due to the fact these two are good friends and teammates. But there’s so many fights that can go down and if this happens it’s going to be HUGE for the UFC.

But what about Mighty Mouse? Is it sad we could be seeing the end of DJ in the UFC? Absolutely. But what does he have left to prove? He has beaten everybody in the flyweight division. Some of them he’s even beat twice. The fight with Dillashaw fell through so what’s next for DJ honestly? I could see the UFC folding the whole flyweight division in UFC. It’s not a draw for some fans. Bellator doesn’t have a flyweight division. So sending DJ to ONE, where they have a loaded division makes perfect sense. It’s honestly a great move. DJ never received the exposure he deserved with the UFC. He was easily the best pound for pound fighter but was overshadowed by Conor, Jon Jones, Cormier. So many people were in the limelight while DJ was defending his title for free on FOX cards.

Fingers are crossed that this deal gets completed. I’m craving to see Askren in the octagon. DJ will thrive in ONE. It’s honestly an amazing situation for both companies. Give the people what they want! Let this happen! Please!

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