Ben Askren Already Under Peoples Skin And It’s Only Day 1

Welcome to Funky Town everyone! The huge announcement from yesterday in the MMA world was Ben Askren rights getting traded from ONE Championship to the UFC in exchange for Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s rights. Groundbreaking move in MMA and its going to be interesting to see if more moves like this happen in the near future.

So let’s talk about Ben Askren. He is a younger Chael Sonnen, probably more skilled in my opinion. He’s a gritty wrestler with a relentless ground game. To add to it he is an outstanding shit talker. He made that known today as he took his voice to twitter to berate the entire Welterweight division. To sum it up quickly, he did not disappoint.

Started it off with a little Billy Madison quote. Big fan of it.

And let the shit storm commence, all because of this tweet.

First up, Mike Perry. Askren gives him credit for speaking up and then tells him he’s not fighting him because he sucks. Perry is a pretty good fighter, his record is 12-3 but he hasn’t really taken out a big name in his career. So… I’m sorry Mike I have to side with my boy Ben, you suck! No fight for you.

This could very well be my favorite tweet of the day from The Funky One today. When Askren was floating around Bellator and ONE Championship, a lot of UFC fighters talked shit about him. Askren always claimed to be the best welterweight in the world but often caught flack from not fighting the top talent in the UFC. But here we go, lets roll with the bum of the month club.

Jorge Masvidal came at him with a horrible insult and Askren proceeded to bodybag him. Next!

Next up, Darren Till. Till has been impressive in the UFC. He has a record of 17-1-1. His first loss coming in his last fight to Tyron Woodley. Askren asking him if he wants to go on a losing streak is comical. Seems like this is a fight Askren is interested in for his UFC debut and I am on board.

The odds of a GSP vs Askren fight happening anytime soon is very slim to me. I wish it would happen though. This is the fight I want to see. GSP has one of the best takedown offenses in MMA. It’s crazy especially since he doesn’t come from a wrestling background. Askren is a decorated collegiate wrestler, an Olympic wrestler, you name it, he’s done it. This fight NEEDS to happen before GSP calls it quits for good. Please see this Dana.

And now onto the Diaz brothers. Another scenario I don’t see happening but I would love it if it did. Could you imagine the pressers with these guys? Oh my lord!! I think Askren would dominate Nick but I would be intrigued to see him and Nate go at it. Not going to happen anytime soon because we all know Nate is waiting for his trilogy fight with Conor. Gotta make that money so it’s understandable.

Last but not least, Askren went after this lunatic Khabib, the UFC lightweight champ. Another fight I would find interesting, almost the same situation as the GSP scenario, only I think Khabib is alot better at takedowns than GSP. I’m sure this fight will never happen and if it does, it’s not happening for a long time. Khabib is currently dealing with the fallout from his after fight antics against McGregor. I’m sure Askren wouldn’t be able to talk his way into a potential fight with Khabib until he fights 2-3 times. But we shall see.

Askren has been with the UFC for barely 24 hours but he went at about 10 fighters heads today. I don’t know who gets the first crack at him or when it’s going to happen but I am beyond excited. I am Team Askren til I die, I have been for Bellator years, the ONE Championship years, the NCAA years and the Olympic years. I am on this ship until it sinks. All I know is that the UFC is about to get Funky!



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