The “French Spider-Man” Is At It Again!

Some people consider themselves adrenaline junkies and other people just have a death wish. Alain Robert aka “French Spider-Man” definitely has a death wish. Alain Robert is a 56 year old from France. He is known for scaling tall buildings and structures with nothing but a bag of chalk for grip and climbing shoes.

Alain Robert is in the news for illegally climbing the Heron Tower in London. A small fact about the Heron Tower: it’s 755 fucking feet tall. Fuck that noise. I’m not climbing up a ladder that’s higher than 15 feet without getting nervous. You can miss me on trying to attempt to scale a building that’s even 30 feet tall.

The man is a head case. No other way around it. I mean his pants literally have the words “Dead Man” printed on them. I mean one misplaced hand or foot and you’re dead. SPLAT! You’re body is exploding like a water balloon onto the pavement. But clearly Alain gives zero fucks. After all, this isn’t the first time this maniac has climbed shit before.

He has climbed multiple structures, the Empire State Building in NY, the Luxor Hotel in Vegas, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, the Sears Tower in Chicago. Those are just notable places in the United States, he has about 50 climbs under his belt worldwide. He’s been arrested countless times, fined thousands of dollars, but yet this lunatic is still out here scaling shit. Kudos to him for sure.

I don’t know how you just wake up in the morning and say “Hey I’m gonna go across the world and climb a building that’s 1400 feet tall with nothing but chalk and my shoes.” That’s a crazy persons state of mind but I don’t hate it. Alain Robert might have the biggest set of balls on Earth and because of that I am insanely jealous. Keep on climbin’ Spidey!

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