Patrick Corbin Chose Money Over Championships

Patrick Alan Corbin… you sir are an idiot. You could have had it all. Life in the best city in the world, a huge paycheck, the greatest baseball fans rooting for you every night you toe the rubber, a potential World Series ring or two. But nope. You turned that all down for cash. Have fun in Washington chief. It’s a shithole.

Corbin agreed to a six-year, 140 million dollar deal with the Washington Nationals. He turned down deals from the Yankees and Phillies to join a team who is losing their best player. It’s clear as day that Corbin doesn’t care about winning or his success. He’s just after that glorious paycheck, can’t really blame him. Money rules everything but when it comes to being a professional athlete, I think winning championships is more important than a couple more million dollars in my bank account. The Yankees offered Corbin five years and $100 million. So he took an extra year and $40 million to be a loser. Clearly he didn’t get butterflies when the Yankees showed him in pinstripes on the scoreboard last week. He probably got the shits because he knew he couldn’t live up to the expectations.

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Patrick Corbin is coming off a season where he put up his best numbers statistically. He finished with an 11-7 record and 3.15 ERA, a career best 246 strikeouts (5th in the MLB) He also compiled his first complete game shutout. A very good year for Patrick. Does he deserve the payday? Yes. Did he make a good career decision? No.

With the addition of Corbin, the Nats will have quite the rotation. Scherzer, Strasbrug, Corbin. Yikes city. That’s fucking scary. Too bad with the eventual loss of Bryce Harper coming the lineup is going to take quite the hit. You still have the youngsters Juan Soto and Victor Robles. But the loss of Harper is going to be devastating. I still think the NL East will belong to either the Phillies, if they snag Harper or the Alanta Braves. Corbin is a great addition but not a game changer for a team who can’t win a playoff series.

Have fun in Washington Patrick. Just think about how much fun you could have had in pinstripes. Championships. Playing with Judge and Stanton. You blew it. Now we know that P.C. means more than just your initials. It means paper chaser. It’s a shame because it could have stood for Potential Champion.

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