Giants Hang 40 On The Deadskins In A Rout


Halley’s Comet. White peacocks. The New York Giants scoring 40 points in a regular season game. All these things are rare occurrences but one of these actually happened today. For the first time since November 1st of 2015 the Giants were able to put 40 points in a game, unlike the 2015 game against the Saints where the Giants lost 52-49 they were able to walk off the field with the victory. The Giants came into Washington without Odell Beckham Jr. and took care of business with a 40-16 win.

Big Blue put points on the board late in the first quarter and never looked back, Mark Sanchez came out and in typical Mark Sanchez fashion stank up the joint. Backed up deep in their own zone towards the end of the quarter, Sanchez threw a pass intended for Michael Floyd but was tipped at the line and ended up in the hands of Curtis Riley who took it 9 yards for a pick six. Mark Sanchez back to being a punching bag like he never left!!

Cue the second quarter, where the Giants had their way with the Redskins and turned this game into an absolute bloodbath. The Giants tallied 27 points in the final ten and a half minutes in the quarter before heading into halftime. It began with Aldrick Rosas 35 yard field goal to extend the lead to 10-0. After another thrilling three and out by the San-chise the Giants got the ball right back and it didn’t take them long to capitalize. Saquon Barkley or the 2018 NFL Rookie Of The Year, whatever you would like to call him, I for one have dubbed him as SaGod because he’s someone I can actually believe in. The first play off the drive Barkley erupted for a 78 yard touchdown run. ELECTRIC!!!! He is absolutely unbelievable to watch every week. Truly a special player and I stand by the Giants for making this pick in the draft. SAQUON PUTS ASSES IN THE SEATS! 17-0 Giants, No Odell. No Problem!!

The Redskins followed up that electrifying run by Saquon with yet another Mark Sanchez pick. Yikes! That dude is horrendous at quarterback. He worked his ass off to make it where he is today and he’s got wide receivers who can make better throws than him… hate to see it. Following the interception the Giants made quick work with a short field and moved the ball into the end zone on three plays with Sterling Shepard hauling in a three yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning. 24-0. Goodnight Washington. RG3 isn’t walking through those doors. Probably should have paid Kirk Cousins after all..

The Giants forced Washington to yet another three and out. Following the punt, the Giants found the end zone yet again. A six yard touchdown by Bennie Fowler which was set up by yet again another HUGE Saquon Barkley run. 52 yards to be exact. 34-0 Giants. Offensive powerhouse swinging their dicks in our nations capital. Brought a tear to my eye. The Giants closed out the half with a field goal as time expired to make it 37-0 heading into the second half.

Mark Sanchez was eventually benched after his first drive in the second half. He came in, went three and out yet again and the team told him to take a hike and find a new profession. Sanchez’s final statline for the game was 6/14 for 38 yards…. horrendous. He also threw two picks and was sacked five times. He literally got slaughtered for half a game and got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. I could have matched his performance and done it for about a few hundred dollars. Following the three and out, the Giants found the end zone for the final time on an eleven yard touchdown reception by Russell Shepard. Rosas failed on his extra point attempt but fuck it. It’s 40-0 who honestly cares. no need to stat pad Aldrick. Veteran Josh Johnson then came into the game and doubled Sanchez’s total yards for the game on his first two drives. Not a good look for the butt fumbler. He got the Skins on the board using his legs to power him to an eight yard run and followed it with a two point conversion to Vernon Davis. 40-8 and the comeback is in motion. Not really though.


Redskins scored one more touchdown on a deep ball to Jamison Crowder. 79 yards to the house and they converted another two point conversion. 40-16 which would be the eventual final. What a shitshow the Redskins are. No wonder the stands were empty. Who would spend money to see Mark Sanchez suck it up all over the field to only be replaced by a guy 45% of people didn’t even know was still in the league?

Eli Manning finished with a solid stat line going 14 for 22 with 197 yards and 3 touchdowns. He continues to have one of his best seasons. He may not be throwing the ball downfield often but he’s done a good job as far as not turning it over and that’s a rare thing for Eli. Saquon Barkley finished the game with 14 carries for 170 yards and a touchdown. He also had 4 catches for 27 yards. Wowzers. He became the first Giants rookie to rush for over 1000 yards in a season and still has three games to add onto his outstanding rookie season. We also got a glimpse of rookie Kyle Lauletta a.k.a “The Guy People Wanted To See Instead Of Eli” and believe it or not he might have had a worst performance than Mark Sanchez. He went 0 for 5 with an interception. Not a good debut Kyle. Not good at all. But the Giants get their fifth win in their last six games and continue to build chemistry. I’m enjoying it. Now I’m just going to sit here and wait for the media to call OBJ a cancer since the Giants dominated while he was ruled out for the game because we all know that will happen.


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