Is It Time To Close The Curtain On Kevin Shattenkirk?

As somebody who was ecstatic about Shattenkirk coming to NYC to play for the New York Rangers, the team I love the most, this absolutely kills me to write. But I truly think that Kevin Shattenkirk’s time as a Ranger is coming to an end.

When Shatty signed his four year contract in the summer of 2017, I was over the moon with excitement. Many Rangers fans knew he was coming especially after all the rumors swirling around the deadline that season also. So it might not have been a huge shock when he signed but it was a great feeling. My immediate reaction was along these lines:

You could say I was slightly happy. I couldn’t wait for October to see Shatty at MSG wearing the Ranger blue. His 2017-2018 season was not great. He eventually went down with a season ending injury, a torn meniscus in his left knee. He only played 46 games and was very underwhelming on the ice, by normal Shatty standards. Not the typical Shattenkirk we saw on the Blues in years past. But a lot of it had to do with the asshat of a coach, Alain Vigneault, he was eventually fired at the end of the season and me and many other fans rejoiced. Long overdue, fuck you AV.

Fast forward to this season. New coach. Repaired knee. This is the healthy stud that we expected to sign last summer. I’m all in on it. Rebuilding year, bunch of youth, by all means I’m not expecting a playoff team this season at all but I’m expecting guys to still have good years. Shattenkirk not having the best year… he was called out by new coach David Quinn, benched for a game and now he is officially out for 2-4 weeks due to a separated shoulder. Fucking. A. Before the injury, Shatty suites up for 29 games and only compiled 8 points. With him being out til most likely the middle or end of January the Rangers now find themselves in a pickle.

What’s my opinion? I think Shattenkirk can bounce back to the player he was in St. Louis. I truly believe that. But I don’t run the team and make those decisions. With this team rebuilding and getting younger by the year. Where does that leave Shattenkirk? He is two months away from being 30 years old. Point wise his game has fallen off a cliff since he’s come to New York. Could we possibly see the Rangers try to move him during the offseason or at the draft? I mean I could see a number of teams taking his contract. He’d have two years left at 6.65 million a year. Not too hefty a price tag. I personally don’t want to see him go anywhere. I believe in Kevin Shattenkirk. But the real question is, does the Rangers front office believe in him?

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