The Hershey Highway Came To Life In Germany

Monday night in Germany. Disaster has struck. DreiMeister Chocolate Factory located in Westoennon had a technical defect in one their storage containers which resulted in a chocolate river flowing down the streets. 108 square feet of chocolate hardened in the street and had to be cleaned up by the local fire department. They had to douse the chocolate with warm water and shovel it up. They were then followed by a street sweeper to help finish off the job.

See if I was in charge over there I wouldn’t have bothered the fire department. I would have called up that lovable fat kid from Willy Wonka Augustus Gloop. Gave him a fork, straw or whatever utensil he wanted and told him to go to town. He would have had that mess cleaned up in half the time. Instead you wasted these poor firefighters time, had them come by in full gear to shovel chocolate. I’d be livid. Luckily this won’t affect Christmas for the locals so all the children will be able to feed their sweet tooth. Also I’m sorry to whoever I disappointed by saying Hershey Highway, total clickbait. No anal in this blog. Just a big chocolate mess.

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