Michael Jordan Smacked Malik Monk Like He Was His Son

Last night during a close game between the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons something magical happened. It wasn’t the fact that Jeremy Lamb hit the go ahead three pointer with three-tenths of a second left. That was awesome but the fact that Michael Jordan, the GOAT, smacked the hell out of Malik Monk for celebrating early was the highlight of the game.

Monk was on the court before the ball already went in and this resulted with him getting hit with a technical. The best to ever do it, Michael Jordan was visually aggravated at Monk for his stupidity and decided to put him in his place. MJ open hand smacked Monk in the back of the head like a father mad at his son for not taking the garbage cans in from the street. Something I have been guilty of many times in my life. And by being guilty I was hit with a similar smack. Probably harder honestly.

The shot put the Hornets up by two points. The technical foul allowed the Pistons to close the lead to one after the free throw but with so little time on the clock Detroit had no chance of getting a shot off to win the game. The Hornets held on and ended up winning 108-107. One thing for sure is Michael Jordan still has a bit of a competitive edge to him and that smack different sent shivers down Steve Kerr’s spine. I could picture Kerr seeing the clip at home and holding a pillow in front of his face due to being deathly terrified of MJ punching him in the face again. But hey that punch led to some championships so I think Kerr is pretty damn grateful for that.

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