Yankees: Another Update From The Winter Meetings

We are heading into the final day of the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas today with a lot of loose ends still to tie. What’s happening with JA Happ? Are the Yankees really not in on Harper? Is Machado ever going to be a Yankee? Why have the Yankees-Mets-Marlins talks gone dead? So many questions after a wild day two from Sin City.

As of yesterday afternoon, Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Yankees signed Happ officially. That lasted all of two minutes. He retracted his statement and just said the Yankees were heavily in on Happ… well no shit Ken. As of late last night it seemed like the Yankees and Happ struck a deal. Still nothing offical as of now but it looks as close as done as you could possibly be. The contract is looking like a two year deal around $34-35 million with a club option for a third year. The Happ signing would round out the Yankees rotation for now. Severino, Tanaka, Paxton, Happ and CC. Definitely an improvement over last year and this could just be a starting point as the Yankees could be players for another starter this offseason or at the trade deadline as well.

With big names come multiple rumors. Bryce Harper is one of the biggest names in the game and the rumors have been insane. Is he going to the Dodger, Cubs, Philly, Yankees or some mystery team? Who knows honestly. Brian Cashman on Tuesday said the Yankees are not even considering Harper due to have six strong outfielders. Hick, Judge, Stanton, Gardner, Ellsbury, Frazier. I mean if you’re okay with having Gardner or Ellsbury over Bryce Harper… your head is not right. Sorry Cash, but you lost me on that one. As much as I like Frazier I see Red Thunder as nothing more as a trade chip now. Ellsbury is a bum. Gardner is just here cause he’s a fan favorite. If that gets in the way of even offering Harper a contract, I’m going to be livid. Even though Cashman shot the Harper rumors down, Scott Boras threw some fuel onto the fire saying “I’ve never heard the Yankees say they are out.” “They’ll tell you one thing and tell me something else.” Cashman this isn’t the time for games.

The biggest shock of all so far is that Manny Machado is still not a Yankee. I’m sure it has to do with the money that Manny is asking for but this is going to be inevitable. Manny Machado will be a Yankee on Opening Day 2019. Not much to really say on this because if Machado isn’t a Yankee by New Years something went horribly wrong and I don’t want to even think about that.

Late Monday night the baseball world turned into a frenzy when rumors came out that the Yankees, Mets and Marlins were working on a three team trade. Yankees would get Noah Syndergaard, Mets would get JT Realmuto and possibly another player and the Marlins would get Amed Rosario and another prospect or two in return. It’s now Thursday and those talks have fallen apart faster than a house of cards in a tornado. I mean realistically¬†this deal was most likely never going to happen. The Mets have gone on record saying they are in a small window to “compete” for a championship. Brodie you’re a legit crazy person. Mainly these talks fell apart due to the Marlins high asking price for Realmuto. Good on the Mets for not caving in honestly, step in the right direction. With the Yankees signing Happ it basically puts any talks of this trade ever coming true. Which means I don’t have to look at my twitter feed every 14 minutes looking for updates and for that I’m thankful.

The Yankees have bulked up the rotation but have they done enough to compete with Boston? Probably not. Boston’s bullpen has fizzled to nothing over the last couple days with Kimbrel most likely moving on and looking for a multiyear deal. Joe Kelly is drawing interest from multiple teams and the rest of the trash seems to be staying put. Cashman compared the Yankees to a fully functioning Death Star yesterday which is a bit concerning because if anyone has ever seen Star Wars they would know that the Death Star was blown up twice. Not a good look Cash, not good at all. There’s still work to be done to be a serious championship contender, so here’s to hoping Cashman has some more tricks up his sleeve before the season gets underway.

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