Hypothetical: 10 Silverback Gorillas vs 100 Wolves, Who Wins?

An age old question that has been brewing around the internet for years, I think it’s time to bring it back. Let say there is a random island inhabited by wolves and gorillas. Nothing else. There is 100 wolves and 10 silverback gorillas which species would be the last one standing?

Me personally, I’m going with Team Gorilla. I’ve been Team Gorilla since I was asked this question in 2014. I will die for Team Gorilla. The obvious choice you would think would be the wolves because they outnumber the gorillas. But I don’t care about numbers. Numbers don’t mean shit! One. Have you ever seen a silverback gorilla? They are basically the size of bodybuilding Arnold Schwarznegger covered in hair.

The biggest silverback gorilla on record was six feet tall and weighed 589 pounds. You think something like is going to get mauled by three or four wolves. That thing is going to come at you snapping necks. It’s going to toss that wolf like a god damn puppy.

There might be a casualty or two but I don’t give the wolves a shot. An average wolf is 2-3 feet in length and way around 100 pounds so you need about 5 wolves on each gorilla. Gorillas are stronger, more intelligent, can climb. One hammer fist by a gorilla to a wolves back and that thing is paralyzed. But wolves run fast. Fuck your speed wolves.

Honestly, if you think the 100 wolves would beat 10 monstrous silverback gorillas then I don’t even know how to view you as a person. That’s just crazy talk. I’m going gorillas in a landslide victory. Harambe wouldn’t let the wolves take home a W. That’s all I have to say.

What’s your thoughts? Wolves or gorillas?

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