Mercifully, the Green Bay Packers season is over. Search for next HC begins.

There it is, with one fell swoop of a bear claw, the Packers season is over. I’ve held off on writing an article about the coaching search until this moment. Waiting for the nonsensical “playoff scenario” graphics to end and send us sprinting into a search for the next Packers Head Coach. So without further ado I present to you the only name that matters. Josh McDaniels.

See there are sure to be a plethora of names that will be billed the next great head coach as everyone is on the prowl to find their Sean McVay. But grabbing an OC who has no head coaching experience is a huge gamble, for every Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan you have a million Ben McAdoos. So I say let’s grab someone who has been a head coach before and has learned under the tutelage of the greatest head coach ever in Bill Belichick.

Now McDaniels sure has had his missteps, everyone points to his “failed” tenure as Denver Broncos HC. You may wonder why I put failed in quotations here, allow me to explain. When Josh got to Denver he was seen as the savior coming from New England and being their OC in one of the best offensives the games ever seen back in 2007. So in his first season he went 8-8 and got Kyle Orton to throw for nearly 4000 yards with a 21/12 TD-INT ratio. Outside of Brandon Marshall this offense had nobody worth mentioning. Next season Marshall was gone and the team went an abysmal 4-12 with McDaniels being let go in early December amid controversy and execution blunders leading to losses. This was all undoubtedly a learning experience for the first time HC who then spent a year in St Louis only to return to New England as OC and help lead them to 2 Super Bowl Championships in ’14 and ’16 seasons respectively.

Now I know he spurned the Colts last off-season and is thought to be the heir to Bills throne up in Foxborough, but with Brady getting older and having a by his standards, subpar 2018, could McDaniels be lured out of New England to help another elite Quarterback who is younger and more physically talented get his groove back? Having worked with an all time great already in Brady, I believe he can. Aaron Rodgers once described himself as a player who “desperately wants to be coached” but he seemed to grow tired of former coach Mike McCarthys scheme and play calling, McDaniels efficient quick hitting offense could reinvigorate him. While McCarthy relies on players to win their personal matchup to get open, McDaniels uses a number of route combinations and creativity to scheme his receivers open. It could prove to be a lethal combination and it’s one I’m giddy thinking about. So Santa, you never got me what I wanted as a kid can you please grant me this one wish and have Josh McDaniels patrolling the Packers sideline next season.

One thought on “Mercifully, the Green Bay Packers season is over. Search for next HC begins.

  1. Lynn says:

    Mc Daniels A. Good Choice ? With a Question mark. I Have an out of the “ box “ Choice. No head Coaching X perience But Coaching Experience And Last Name Lombardi From Successful Franchise New Orleans Saints


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