The Yankees Have Met With Manny Machado And It Went Shorter Than Expected…

Wednesday’s highly anticipated free agent meeting with the Yankees and Manny Machado has come and gone. At approximately 12:28 pm, Manny Machado arrived at Yankee Stadium in a blacked out SUV. This was his second stop on his “tour” he’s taking on the offseason. I mean people say “save the best for last” but clearly he wanted to wedge the best in the middle. Machado is scheduled to meet with the Phillies tomorrow to conclude his tour.

Not a lot of information has leaked from the meeting, all we have is a picture of Manny Machado on the big screen in pinstripes overlooking a field with uprights that was set up for the Pinstripe Bowl. “Hey Manny, let us give you a tour, just ignore the uprights in centerfield. Thanks Johnny Hustle!” – Hal Steinbrenner probably.


( Photo Credit to @JoezMcfly )

Machado left Yankee Stadium at 1:58 pm. 90 minutes. That’s it. Did something go wrong? Who knows. It’s too early to tell to be honest. His meeting in Chicago was significantly longer and we have to wait to see how his meeting in Philly goes tomorrow. All we can hope for is that maybe he is so familiar with the Yankees from playing in AL East he knew what he was walking into already. I mean Manny hasn’t been shy about the thought of him being a Yankee:


I mean this guy was openly liking pictures of himself in a photoshopped Yankees jersey midseason. I mean if that doesn’t scream out I want to be a Yankee. I don’t know what does.

Another reason this meeting could have been cut short is because numerous higher-ups for the Yankees were going to attend Joan Steinbrenner’s funeral today. You know, a logical reason why the meeting was so short. But instead we have idiots claiming that the Yankees don’t want Manny Machado or that Manny Machado is going to play for the White Sox. Both of those statements are idiotic.

I will say it right now. Manny Machado will officially be a New York Yankee in 2019. He will announce this on Saturday, December 22nd at 1:30 pm. How do I know all this? I don’t. But confidence is key and I am very confident about this.

“But he’s going to Philly tomorrow, if he was gonna be a Yankee why bother?”

It’s a bargaining tactic and a common courtesy. Obviously Manny is looking for a payday. So go to your final stop and make the Yankees sweat to run up the offer. It’s genius. Also you’re not going to just cancel a meeting with a team. You’re obviously going to hear their pitch and listen to their offer. It’s just what you do when going through decisions like this. But I am here to tell you to relax. Have faith. Manny Machado will be the New York Yankees starting third baseman come the start of the 2019 season.

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