The Philadelphia Phillies Really Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Manny Machado

Philadelphia, the armpit of the northeast. Probably the most hated sports town for me. Hands down. Eagles… fuck them. Flyers… can’t stand them whatsoever. Sixers? Not much of a basketball guy but Ben Simmons is “dating” Kendall Jenner and I’m not a fan of that either. Phillies. Never had an issue with until they tossed their hat into the Manny Machado sweepstakes.

Phillies… what is you doing? Stop delaying the inevitable. Manny Machado is going to be a Yankee. You guys requesting a meeting is just prolonging the process and quite frankly that gets under my skin. You were in the gutter of the NL East for a couple years and now are starting to make a resurgence. We don’t need you around right now. Crawl back into your hole and leave Machado alone.

Manny Machado arrived at Citizens Bank Park today at 12:14 pm. He didn’t get the grand entrance of pulling into an underground parking lot like he did at Yankee stadium yesterday. They let him out on the street and made him walk to the gates which were locked. That’s strike one Philly.

He was then stopped by incoherent electrician on the sidewalk to take a picture. The guy mumbled some incoherent stupidity at him. Legit not even an actual English sentence. Guy sounded like his brain locked up on the spot. Good first impression for a moronic fanbase.

Clown. My favorite thing is this guy, Tom Cudeyro, said “If he comes here, he’ll be beloved forever.”

Do we need a recap of how Philly treats their star players or superstars that have come into Philly? Terrell Owens? I’m sure he wouldn’t get pelted with batteries walking through Philadelphia. I mean there’s people who hate Carson Wentz after he pretty much had an MVP season before getting hurt last year and now those fans are all in on Nick Foles again. Beloved. What a jackass. I hate you Philadelphia.

But back to Machado and his Philly trip. He was then swarmed by reporters before even getting into the stadium. I mean media is good but let the guy breath before you pounce on him like a bunch of hyenas. Inside the stadium they showed Manny on the video board in a Phillies jersey. HORRENDOUS.

Not okay. At all. I will not stand for this. Manny Machado is supposed to be in pinstripes. We treated him like a Prince when he came to the Bronx yesterday. We wined and dined him last night before he departed for Philly. And how does Philadelphia welcome him? They put him out on the street in the cold waiting for the fucking doors of the stadium to be unlocked.

Unbelievable! If Manny Machado wants a legacy, championships, the glamour of being a New York Yankee. He’ll make the right choice. If not, enjoy the Wawa’s and overrated cheesesteaks man. That’s not the decision you should make.

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